Need a break? Time to recharge? Then why not take a short break to Jersey during the 6 week Tennerfest food promotion.

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Tennerfest is 6 weeks of great meals at fixed prices, starting on October 1st, and has been running for 12 years in Jersey and now over 100 restaurants and cafés across the Island take part.

Tennerfest is a food promotion that encourages local restaurants to create a special, all-inclusive menu that provides the diner with more at a fixed amount. Restaurateurs offer menus starting at £10 with £12.50, £15.00, £17.50 and now £20.00 options. This enables the restaurants to offer a wide and exciting selection of food.

Visit www.tennerfest.com for all the menus, and once you’re here there’s a free newspaper containing all the menus for you to pickup.