The active adventurer

Enjoy the intrepid feeling of tackling the season head on


So you like to face the elements head on? You never retreat from the cold because you know that life won’t wait. You wrap yourself in neoprene armour and launch into the morning surf. You feel the cold caress of the wind and the firm ground beneath your feet as you run through farm and field. For adventurous souls like you, winter isn’t a surrender, it’s a call to arms. Time to paddle out into Atlantic swell on Surfari, fuel up on fresh catch from Faulkner Fisheries, and hammer a 10K on wind-blown dunes...

Enjoy the intrepid feeling of tackling the season head on in Jersey this winter. 

Surf breaks

Ride the waves on surfari

With mile after mile of beautiful sand, cleansed twice a day by Atlantic surf, St. Ouen’s Bay is a spiritual home for Jersey surfers and thrill seekers of all kinds. The surf is up all winter, so suit up, paddle out and catch a big one on your Jersey surf break. 

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Blo’ off the cobwebs

If you’re looking for an exciting adventure break on a windy day in Jersey – well here it is… blokarting. Think go-kart meets sailing…

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Project 52

Hit the town after dark

Project 52 is a best kept secret of Jersey's nightlife. This effortlessly chic cocktail bar extends a warm welcome to those with nostalgia in their hearts and reveals its secrets to those with the curiosity to uncover this hidden backstreet speakeasy. 

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WIN a 48 hour expedition

Win a winter weekend expedition with everything taken care of. Just pack a thirst for adventure. 

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