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Autumn’s vibrant mosaic of colours carpet our landscapes and light up our skies as nature puts on its Sunday best. As we immerse ourselves in this dramatic display, we are restored by nature’s authenticity, and reminded that these experiences mean the most when they are shared.

After all, we are the sum of our experiences, what will be your next?

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Behind the scenes

What goes into making an autumn spectacular?

Love island

When was the last time you were truly alone with your loved ones? When Les Ecréhous sandbanks reveal themselves as the tide goes out, there’s nothing more secluded than this otherworldly BBQ spot.

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Shore to chef

Ever wondered how your food makes it to your plate? On this unique experience, learn about local ingredients, pick it, taste it and bag it as The Grand Jersey’s head chef awaits your arrival.

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A night with the stars

From an beachside apartment shaped like an upturned boat to star gazing at one of the oldest ruins on the island. Reconnect with nature on this Jersey experience.

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Just the tonic

With their evening mapped out for them, our fun lovin’ ladies embark on one of the worlds smallest Gin trails.

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Feast your eyes

Get an insight into Jersey’s market life and its coloured history with Rex, a chef and historian with a passion for fresh local produce.

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Jersey in autumn needs #nofilter

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