Bop back in time


Hop back in time and delve into the past. Jersey's big story will take your breath away and leave you wanting to discover more. 

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So many tales to tell

Take a step back, wonder and be wowed by our little island's unique history. Jersey's big story is waiting to be discovered. 


Give it a shuck

Get a taste of history. Oysters have been eaten in Jersey for as long as we can remember. Neolithic man feasted on these delicate beauties around 6000 years ago. Discover what makes Jersey Oytsters so special and give it a shuck! 


Liberation legacy

Jersey's five year Occupation during WW2 came to an end on 09 May 1945. A day to celebrate and get your lindy hop on! Discover sites around the island that tell the story of Jersey's Liberation.


Little luck. Big blessing.

Have you ever tasted our little island’s potato delicacy? Let us sew the seed of the story about how our famed potato came to be, and share some pearls of wisdom for you to savour. Bon Appetit! 


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