A spot of Brit…(ish) culture.

Jersey has a unique feel about it. We have our own peculiar customs, quirks, laws, and traditions. True, we speak the Queen’s English and you’ll find a Jersey Cream Tea room on a leafy country lane, but just when you think you’re back in Blighty, you’ll find yourself lost on a French lane that leads to breathtaking views over nearby France, or stumble on a few fishermen playing pétanque at Weighbridge Place. And in that charming way we have to confuse and confound, we even have our own language – Jèrriais. Wander a little off the beaten path and you’ll encounter a friendly fisherman who wishes you ‘Séyiz les beinv’nu’ (Welcome to Jersey) and spins you a yarn over a pint of Jersey Liberation Ale.

Your ultimate summer playlist.

Summer in Jersey is all about good vibes, with a dose of sun, sea and fresh sounds.  We have created the ultimate summer playlist with six unique music and dance events in Jersey.

Get festival ready

A field of Jersey cows

Meet the Jersey makers.

For a little island, Jersey punches well above its weight in so many things; take our beautiful doe-eyed ‘Jerseys’ or world-famous Jersey Royals. But we’re not just famed for our incredible food, Jersey people are also a creative bunch. We basically invented the knitwear trend, by knitting the original fisherman’s jumper, and were taking surrealist photographs as far back as WW2. This artistic tradition is alive today in our colourful community of designers, dairy makers, craftspeople and artists, who proudly bear our hallmark of quality – Genuine Jersey.

Meet the makers

Discover Jersey’s arts scene.

Jersey’s fascination with art began in the last Ice Age when we painted the earliest works in the British Isles. We’re told it set a trend. The island’s rich colourful canvas has inspired arts aficionados and world-class painters to make pilgrimages to our shores for centuries. Whether you’re an art historian, part-time paint slinger, or you’re just after some wonderful wall-friendly pieces, Jersey’s an art lover’s Mecca.

Jump in the scene

Tipple tours.

Let us help you enjoy a tipple or two on your island break with these top tips of how to get into the spirit of things in Jersey. Curious about the island’s local brews, wines, and spirits? Then let us help you discover the island’s landscapes, locations, ingredients, and people that have inspired their creations.

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