A curiously Brit…(ish) history.

History is very much alive in Jersey, but it’s not quite 1066 and all that. Your Queen is technically our Duke of Normandy (it’s a long story) and she wears a lovely tiara on our Jersey bank notes. We have ancient ruins older than Stonehenge and Ice Age mammoths in the volcanic bedrock of the island that once stretched to France. We’ve knitted Jersey jumpers on the backs of fishermen who sailed to the new world, sheltered Kings in exile, and we’ve built things older than the pyramids. And ancient castles? We’ve got three that we built earlier. A few centuries earlier that is and they’re big enough to dwarf our epic coastline, but you get the picture. We’re as British as it gets for a crown dependency.

Five curiously Jersey castle experiences.

Think you know a thing or two about castles? We’ll believe you after you’ve abseiled the sheer heights of Mont Orgueil Castle, fired a black powder cannon with a Master Gunner at Elizabeth Castle, and played detective in your search for clues on heritage trails through labyrinthine tunnels, tidal landscapes and secret chambers that uncover hidden treasures to unlock Jersey’s colourful past.

Storm the castles

Meet Jersey’s oldest settlers (Hint: They weren’t British).

An island shaped by its giant tides, Jersey became home to some of Europe’s first Neolithic hunter gatherers, who arrived to farm the fertile soil nearly 6,000 years ago. In Jersey, you’ll find some of the best-preserved prehistoric sites, dolmens and burial mounds in the world, including a building that’s older than the Egyptian pyramids. Explore Jersey’s ancient history at these atmospheric sites.

Step back in time

Blow their little socks off.

Who doesn’t love their little explorers? Ignite your children’s passion for Jersey’s colourful history with six experiences to spark their imagination. Get lost in the ancient walls and play king of the castle at Jersey’s two iconic fortresses where they can learn to fire a cannon and dress up as ancient Kings as they storm the medieval ramparts. Little and big explorers can walk the causeway at low tide in wellies, or take a high tide ferry adventure to Elizabeth Castle. Blast a foghorn, join a battalion and fire your imagination. Ancient history has a knack for making everyone feel younger at heart.

Get inspired

Five historic days to remember.

From the majesty of ancient castles that sheltered our island from invasion, to the mysterious secrets of underground bunkers, and Martello towers that stand tall on our dramatic coastline, Jersey wears the traces of its colourful past just about everywhere you go. Explore the incredible story of Jersey on this five day itinerary, delving into war tunnels, seeking ice age caves, and finding the echoes of the Battle of Jersey.

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