Trips to the Brit…(ish) seaside.

If you’re looking for reassuringly soggy British weather, we’re sorry to break the news that Jersey is the sunniest spot in the British Isles, but if you want wet weekends, we’re surrounded by the stuff. Dip a toe in 24 pristine sandy bays washed clean by the biggest tide in Europe. We love long car journeys as much as you do, so buckle up for a ten minute slog to the sea in any direction. And we know it wouldn’t be a British summer without jostling for towel space on a bustling beach. We’re sorry to disappoint, as we’re still working on the crowds to fill our wide open beaches with soft sands and crystal clear waters. In the meantime, we hope you won’t mind the odd bottle-nosed dolphin for company?

Breathtaking beaches of Jersey.

If you’re looking for wide open wild spaces, Jersey beaches have the power to take your breath away and leave you standing in awe. From cliff-encircled coves to vast expanses of lunar landscapes, here are our top six breathtaking beaches that are waiting to be discovered in the island break.

Take your breath away

rib at the Ecrehous Sand Bar

Explore Jersey’s archipelago.

Experience a unique and precious marine environment just off Jersey’s coast. Home to one of the largest tidal ranges in the world, explore Jersey’s archipelago and discover a submerged coastal landscape of reefs and islands, revealed at low tide. Walk, wander and swim around this unique habitat before it’s reclaimed by the sea. Just a short boat ride will speed you out to Les Ecréhous and Les Minquiers, some of the largest unexplored areas in Europe where miles of reefs, sandbanks and rocky islands are revealed at low tide.

Take an adventure

Get some vitamin sea.

Being near the sea is simply good for the soul. In Jersey, you’re never more than 10 minutes from the coast. Come up for air on Jersey’s windswept north coast, explore hidden coves that reveal their secrets at low tide, seek out twinkling bioluminescent life on lunar landscapes that make you feel like you’re on another planet, let alone the British Isles. Here are some of the best ways to get your dose of vitamin sea by Jersey’s shoreline.

Feel wetter

Paddle board in The Minquiers

Seven ways to explore Jersey's coastline.

Jersey is an island shaped by the sea. We have some of the best waves in the UK. Warmed by the gulf stream and powered by Atlantic swell, there’s no better rush than paddling out to clean waves in Jersey’s west coast, rebalancing your spirit on a Stand Up Paddle session at sunset, or simply paddling your feet in clear waters. Winter warrior or summer swimmer, here are seven ways to explore Jersey’s coastal landscapes from sand to shoreline.

Go explore

couple sitting on the top of the cliff

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