The Jersey Brand



We’re excited to introduce the new dynamic and engaging brand identity for Jersey. A visual brandmark that integrates the island’s unique identity, the shape of its cliffs and coast, the rise and fall of its tides and the vibrancy of Jersey through the seasons.

The Identity

The master logo is a white out version and should be used in the majority of brand communications. The stacked version of the logo should be used wherever possible and the horizontal versions should only be used where space constraints apply. The secondary colour versions of the logos have been created to reflect the vibrancy and energy of the island’s natural seasonality, and should be used when imagery is not being used and the logos are appearing on light backgrounds. The additional versions of the core logos should only be used when it is not technically possible to use the primary or secondary versions of the logo. It is acceptable to use the black and mono versions for items such as newspaper adverts or facsimiles.


Brand Assets and Guidelines

But Jersey’s more than simply a brandmark, so please take time to read our Style Guide and understand the personality of the brand and what it means to islanders and island visitors. It is your ideas and creativity that will bring the Jersey brand to life and tell the island story. By working together under one unifying visual identity, we can give our audiences an inspiring and engaging experience that helps to build trust and forge sustainable relationships with Jersey.

Co-Branding Guidelines Jersey Style Guide Brand Images

Research & Insights

Our new brand strategy and identity is part of our initiative to increase visitor numbers, drive up the visitor economy and ignite a new wave of pride and passion for Jersey. We undertook extensive and rigorous research, consultation, data collection and stakeholder interviews to identify a clear and consistent strategic route forward for Jersey. To read more about the process that led to the creation of the new brand, explore our research and insights.

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Media Library

Looking for inspiration? Explore our online media library to download high-resolution images and footage of Jersey. Our media resource is available to our tourism agencies, partners, and media.

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Need more?

Looking for more information on Jersey from a trade and business perspective? For the latest news and updates on Jersey as a destination, visit our business website.

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