Welcome to the Curiously Brit…(ish) island of Jersey. A place that’s familiar, with a delightfully continental twist. Roll out a picnic rug and take in a fiery sunset over the Atlantic sea, forage for wild blackberries on wooded country lanes that lead to crystal clear views over France, bask in late-summer embers over al fresco aperitifs, then paddle your feet in sheltered bays when our waters are at their warmest. You’ll feel closer to Brittany than Britain.

Jersey’s not a summer fling, it’s a year-long sunshine feeling.

Couple enjoying drinks and aperetifs whilst watching petanque

A Spot of Brit...(ish) Culture.

Jersey has a unique feel about it. We have our own peculiar customs, laws, and traditions. True, we speak the King’s English and you’ll find a Jersey cream tearoom on a leafy country lane, but just when you think you’re back in Blighty, you’ll find yourself lost on lanes that lead to breathtaking views over nearby France or basking in late summer embers over afternoon aperitifs at al fresco bars that wouldn’t look out of place in an Italian piazza. And in that charming way we have to confuse and confound, we even have our own language – Jèrriais. Wander a little off the beaten path and you’ll encounter a friendly fisherman who wishes you ‘Séyiz les beinv’nu’ (Welcome to Jersey) and spins you a yarn over a pint of Jersey Liberation Ale.

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Couple enjoying a picnic on a high clifftop overlooking the sea

Trips to the Brit...(ish) seaside.

Welcome to the sunniest spot in the British Isles where summer is a state of mind. Even when it’s rainy there’s a chance of dolphins. Blow away the cobwebs in the fresh sea air as you breathe in the beauty and drama of Jersey’s north coast, then dive right in with a dip in the warmest tides of the year. Explore sheer cliffs blanketed with purple wildflowers where the waves meet the shore, then warm up over a refreshing Jersey ale at a friendly seaside pub. And here’s a secret about our autumn sunsets – they’re the best in the world. A dance of golden colours that bathe an endless sky in orange fire and deepest reds in shimmering seas that glitter in the evening light.

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Savour Great Brit...(ish) flavours.

Nope, there’s nothing exotic around here. Just good old fashioned British fayre. If by fish and chips you mean freshly caught lobsters served with fabulous french fries. Jersey packs a rich and colourful larder into its nine by five food miles. Peckish travellers will find farm stalls, food markets and beach restaurants bursting with unique Jersey produce, from velvety Jersey Dairy to fresh oysters washed clean by the biggest tidal range in Europe. Where else in Britain can you rock up to a beachside shack in ten minutes and tuck into freshly picked crab plucked from the sea that very morning? Just pack a healthy appetite and a phone camera and you’ll live snappily ever after.

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A Curiously Brit...(ish) History.

History is very much alive in Jersey, but it’s not quite 1066 and all that. We have ancient ruins older than Stonehenge and Ice Age mammoths in the volcanic bedrock of the island that once stretched to France. We’ve knitted Jersey jumpers on the backs of fishermen who sailed to the new world, sheltered Kings in exile, and we’ve built things older than the pyramids. And ancient castles? We’ve got three that we built earlier. A few centuries earlier that is and they’re big enough to dwarf our epic coastline, but you get the picture. We’re as British as it gets for a crown dependency.

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