Hier finden Sie alles, was Sie über einen Urlaub auf Jersey wissen sollten.


Whether a short trip, a romantic trip for two or an adventure holiday with the whole family, here you will find detailed information and practical tips thatwill help you to plan your Jersey holiday.


The unique blend of British and French way of life lends Jersey its extraordinary charm. Nevertheless, there are many things that you should know.


We speak English - with lightweight jersey accent. You will notice that street names are French, a relic from the Norman period. Jersey also has its own language, the Jerriais - an old Norman with altnordischem impact. Although you will probably hear not spoken it, it's part of our history and it will meet here and there, such as means Grève = beach.


Our currency is sterling, but the island has its own money, the Jersey Pound. Jersey is one of the last places where you can find the 1-pound note. And although the bills look different, the value is the same as the British Pound. Although they are obtained Jersey banknotes while shopping, but can also pay with English money. All major credit cards are also accepted. There are ATMs in St. Helier and all over the island.

time zone

It is the same as in the UK. Jersey has Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and changes in the daylight saving time as Great Britain.

Jerseys Weather

It is the southernmost of the Channel Islands, the climate in Jersey is mild, similar to the weather on the south coast of Great Britain, but often warmer and sunnier. The hottest days are mostly in July and August, with an average temperature of 18 ° -20 ° Celsius.


Same outlets as in the UK (3 pins) with 240 volts. European visitors require adapter, available for sale in St Helier.


Inform yourself. Your carrier about international tariffs and possible charges abroad


You want to know when the shops are open, where there is wireless etc? Here you get all the basic information.

post office

send a postcard home? The main post office is on Broad Street, St. Helier. Other smaller post offices are everywhere on the island.

Jersey Tax (Good & Services Tax - GST)

Jersey imposed on most goods and services tax (GST) of 5%. Air passengers are entitled to reimbursement if you take goods worth more than 300 pounds (forms for reimbursement there on departure at the airport of Jersey). Not all dealers are members of the GST system. If you want a refund, you should check before buying it.

Visitor Center

In Jersey Visitor Center to get maps, brochures and suggestions on how to spend your time on the island. The team of the local information office to advise you where you can stay or find restaurants.

Disabled Facilities

Jersey Also visitors Handicap strives to make your stay as pleasant as possible. There is barrier-free buses, taxis and the La Maison des Landes a completely wheelchair accessible accommodation. Organizations such Wetwheels who have a disabled speedboat and an association that rents special wheelchairs that can be used on the beach, it also allow persons with disabilities, to enjoy the beauties jerseys. Special scooter for shopping The Parkhaus Sand Street in St. Helier ready and all over the island there are many disabled parking


Medical care

For doctor visits, treatments and prescriptions through any fees. It is highly recommended prior to travel purchase travel accident insurance (incl. Channel Islands) for reimbursement.

emergency call

In an emergency, dial 999, or 112 for emergency services, fire department or Coast Guard.