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Our natural landscapes are the perfect setting to seek out an adventure. Dive a little deeper on a coasteering tour, catch a few waves at one of many surfing spots or be blown away by the views and the adrenaline rush of blokarting on our shore.

Feel Empowered

Feeling empowered stems from trying something new, to get out of that comfort zone and embrace the unknown. Feel your inner explorer unleashed, you might surprise yourself. Watch our short video and see how Jersey can make you ‘Feel Empowered’.

Meet Bill and Frances

Volunteering to be in a film was certainly a change to the day job for Bill and Frances Davies. You’re more likely to meet Bill at his greengrocer stall - Just William in St. Helier’s Central Market or chat to Frances at their son’s surf shop, Little Joe’s on St. Ouen’s Bay, but when the opportunity came to do something out of their comfort zone, well - you just couldn’t stop them.


Empowered - Itinerary 1

Enjoy a Genuine Jersey breakfast, Coasteer with Pure Adventure, lunch at La Belle Gourmande and abseil at Noirmont Bunker, before dinner at the Michelin Starred Ormer Restaurant.


Empowered - Itinerary 2

A Lookout Beach Café breakfast, try a rock climbing taster session, lunch at the eclectic Café Poste Brasserie, RIB ride to Les Écréhous and feast on a well deserved dinner at Rozel Pub. 


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From the island's coastline and countryside, to the natural beauty of its beaches and authentic fresh food.

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