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Exploring the island break in winter is more than an adventure, it’s a journey of self discovery. We know that everyone embraces winter in their own way. Perhaps you’re a romantic, who wants to reconnect and revitalise with someone special in the fresh sea air, or maybe you like to tackle the season head on, carving the waves and road tripping coast to coast. Or maybe you just like to savour good times with friends by the fireside of a Jersey country pub. 

How you explore is up to you, you’ll just need a coat-load of curiosity and the answer to the question, what type of explorer are you?

The weekend wanderer

You're all about the journey, and the destination. Just as comfortable walking miles of cliff paths as you are sipping the time away in a beach cafe, as long as there are good views and good people to share them with, you’re happy. Your weekend break starts here. 


The active adventurer

So you like to face the elements head on? You never retreat from the cold because life won’t wait. For adventurous souls like you, winter isn’t a surrender, it’s a call to arms. Your adventure break starts here. 

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The romantic rambler

You couples will be happy to know our fresh sea air also has love in it! The summer crowds have gone and left the pristine beaches and luxury spas and just for you two, yes, it’s going to be cold but keeping warm is the best part of a romantic break. Escape to an island built for two. 

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The soul seeker

So, you’ve got soul. You’re the type of explorer who likes to take a deep dive into your inner space and the island break is the perfect place for you to come up for air. Reconnect with nature, your friends and discover more about yourself on a winter weekend break. 


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Find a little inspiration for your winter exploration

Find a winter offer

Find a little inspiration for your winter exploration.