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The island where you can revitalise in the fresh sea air


Jersey is a place of self-discovery and like our submerged coastal landscapes that are exposed to the fresh Jersey atmosphere each day, it’s a place for you, too, to come up for air.

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What do a surfing grandpa, hiking hipster, cycling cabbie and foodie firefighter have in common? They each found their freedom in the island break.

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Retreat and restore

For a luxury island break, a few halcyon days on Jersey will offer all the stupendous sea views, empty beaches and laid-back living you could want..

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Find your inner calm. Explore the natural beauty of Queen’s Valley reservoir.

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Just get away from it all

Don’t we all dream about those moments. The moments of peace, quiet and tranquility, when it feels as if we’ve escaped everyone and everything around us.

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WIN a summer escape to the stunning island of Jersey. Explore beautiful white-sand beaches, enjoy delicious local cuisine and immerse yourself in the island’s unique culture.

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