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Jersey Zoo

Jersey Zoo began as the first ever conservation-themed zoo. Over 60 years later, Gerald Durrell’s animal haven is the natural place to discover some of the world’s most incredible creatures. Whether you’re after fun, tranquillity, knowledge or a place to soak up the sunshine, this beautiful 32-acre park has it all.

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This beautiful 32-acre park with valleys, woodland and some of the world’s rarest animals is the perfect chance to experience ‘the jewel in Jersey’s crown’. Relax and stay a while or see the best bits in under two hours. The zoo is situated four miles north of St. Helier, in the parish of Trinity. You can reach the zoo by car on the B31 or by public bus.

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Jersey Zoo
Les Augres Manor, La Profonde Rue

Offres & sorties

Young Tortoise Trail

Get the first look at our Tortoise Takeover! The Young Tortoise Trail is a teaser for the full trail with smaller tortoises, designed by Jersey’s schools and community groups, which will go on show around the island.

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Jun 16 2023 Aug 31 2023

Tortoise Takeover Farewell Weekend

The Tortoise Takeover Trail takes over Jersey Zoo! Don't miss out on your last chance to see all of the tortoise sculptures together, before the charismatic creatures go to auction. Visit the zoo from 14 - 17 December and grab a glimpse at the 50 tortoises from our trail.

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Sep 14 2023 Sep 17 2023

Hidden Worlds at Jersey Zoo

Join us during the Easter Holidays at Jersey Zoo for this immersive, family friendly event. Look beyond the microscope and see bacteria and microbes like you’ve never seen them before, whilst discovering these mighty yet minuscule organisms. Entry is free for members and normal admissions apply for non-members.

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Mar 25 2023 Apr 23 2023

The Durrell Challenge 2023

The eagerly anticipated Durrell Challenge is back for 2023! The Challenge will consist of three different races; a live 13k, a virtual 13k and the brand-new for 2023, family-friendly 2.6k. It will also include a tort-ally’ terrific Tortoise and Hare theme to ‘shell-abrate' Tortoise Takeover, which is coming to Jersey on 1 July 2023.

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May 14 2023

Tortoise Takeover Trail

Uniquely designed giant tortoise sculptures will be unleashed across the island’s wild places, coastal vistas and urban hangouts. These charismatic creatures will be taking over the island during July and August, so keep your eyes peeled and see if you can find all 50 tortoises in our trail.

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Jul 01 2023 Aug 31 2023