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Where America Meets Jersey – 3 Day Tour

Experience ‘Jersey in the Channel Islands’ the last outpost between Great Britain and Europe marvelling at the depth of history with your local host. During this tour we shall explore the relationship that has always been between Jersey and the America’s and how this relationship was tested through Commerce and the Wars which were raged.

Distance: plus de 5h

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Immerse yourself in the history where America met Jersey and admire the journey both nations took to travel across the seas. Learn all about relationship with America and Jersey from your local host and hear the tales of heroism from medieval to modern times. After visiting the Square where Charles II was first declared King and learning how New Jersey, became owned by a local.

We will have time to taste our delicious Jersey cream tea. Sample our Jersey produce on the coming days of our tour while catching up with those questions to your local guide. Discover how Jersey was pulled into the American War of Independence when America/France waged a war on Jersey ships as we travel across the countryside, marvelling how small yet mighty this small island is. This tour can be shaped around your wishes so come onboard with our local host.

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