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In Jersey, our food is as fresh as the sea air. From field to fork in the time it takes for the tide to rise, it’s served just as nature intended. Work up a healthy appetite with a breath of fresh sea air as autumn colours light up our skies. Our pride and passion is our world famous local produce. From our beach food culture to our award-winning restaurants, our food is special, it’s food from the heart to feed the soul. Tuck into a serving of island life, where friendships are nourished and moments are savoured.

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You want to feel revitalised, refreshed and ready for a taste of island life. Whether it’s discovering our beach food or foraging the land, it’s the perfect place for you to experience #theislandbreak and a portion of island life.

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There’s something about the taste of food eaten on holiday that really stays with you. From the first taste of Jersey ice-cream to the sizzle of sunset barbecue, share food memories while you breathe the island air with a smile on your face and freshness in your heart.

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With a healthy appetite and the sand between your toes, Jersey is the perfect place for you to tackle the day head on and restore your balance. Discover what you're made of and relish the sights and flavours of Jersey's great outdoors. Whatever your appetite, choose your own adventure on your island break.

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Get a flavour of the real Jersey with our famous island produce. We dish out a warm welcome to everybody - from friendly beach-side cafés to laughter-filled kitchens in Jersey country pubs. Tempt your appetite with a portion of island life.

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