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With a healthy appetite and the sand between your toes, Jersey is the perfect place for you to tackle the day head on and restore your balance. Discover what you're made of and relish the sights and flavours of Jersey's great outdoors. Whatever your appetite, choose your own adventure on your island break.

7 ways to explore Jersey's coastline

There are lots of opportunities to get into and under the water, so come up for air and discover Jersey an island shaped by the sea. Here’s 7 ways to explore Jersey’s submerged coastal landscapes:

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Ride the Atlantic tour

There's something retro cool about the vintage buses from Jersey Bus & Boat Tours. Buy a ticket and take the ride with friends to some of Jersey's most instagrammable spots by land and sea. Cruise along Jersey's Atlantic coast and breathe in the sea air with the top down stopping for snaps and vibrant scenery along the way. Or take a historic journey through epic castles and ancient ruins. This quirky tour company doesn't stick to the land, they'll also take you on the water past lighthouses, pretty harbours and secret bays. (Local tip: They even do private parties if you fancy a silent disco with your hands in the air like you just don't care!) 

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Work up an appetite on two wheels

Cycling isn’t just an exhilarating experience, it’s also a great way to discover new food experiences. Breeze by beach cafés, stop for local seafood locally-brewed cider and feast at farm stalls. From a simple picnic of local cheeses to a tasting menu at a Michelin-starred restaurant, give your holiday an infusion of local flavour. And by choosing an active holiday, you can work up the appetite to enjoy even more gastronomic delights.

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Discover Jersey's secret bays by kayak

Derek Hairon, a professional kayak guide from Jersey Kayak Adventures, shares his tips on secret bays where to explore and escape to. Go afloat and look upon the horizon to rediscover what lies beyond each headland and rock. All is revealed to any who choose to look.

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Walk around the island in a weekend

Just nine miles by five and edged with country lanes and scenic coastal paths, Jersey’s cliff-edged heights and wide sandy bays are best seen on foot. If you’re feeling energetic, you can walk around the whole island with our four-day, 48.5 mile coastal walking itinerary, or just pick your favourite sections to explore in more detail - there’s always a beach café or country pub within easy reach.

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Explore the past

Jersey's unique history has been moulded over time by Ice Age visitors, occupying forces, languages and local traditions. You can experience major historical sites dating back hundreds of years, which are now open to the visiting public. From World War II bunkers to ancient burial grounds, farm houses, castles and caves. Jersey is there waiting to be discovered.

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Go coasteering

Coasteering gives you the opportunity to explore Jersey's rugged coastline at sea level. Experienced local instructors will take you scrambling around the rocky headland, swimming through caves and will test your bottle by undertaking a series of manageable cliff jumps into the clear blue sea.

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