5 ways to escape the routine in Jersey

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Ever felt the need to just leave the mobile behind, unplug, unwind and really connect with nature… with no interruptions? With our wild natural landscape and Atlantic facing bays, beaches and beautiful coastline just waiting to be explored, a Jersey holiday is the perfect way to leave your stress behind and reconnect with nature. And it’s only a 55-minute flight away from many UK cities - shorter than the average commute.  Here’s our top five suggestions of ways to escape the routine and take time to rebalance.

Adventure seeking can happen anywhere. All you have to do is open your eyes. Taking the first step to creating unforgettable memories can be as simple as just going outside. In Jersey all you have to do is pick your side of the island based on the wind, the weather and how you want to feel. Choose the west for the best Atlantic wave-watching or the north coast for its wild and romantic coastline, or perhaps even the beautiful south coast with its beach walks and bracing sea air.


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Feeling the pressure? Coax yourself back to life with some spa time - and add a relaxing treatment to get yourself back in balance. Did you know Jersey is home to one of the few Ayurvedic spa retreats in the UK? The Ayush Spa at Jersey’s Hotel de France is where you’ll find the most relaxing ancient Ayurvedic treatment, the Shirodhara oil pour.  Get some headspace and then get some time to yourself in this contemporary spa at Jersey’s Hotel de France.


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Need a change of routine? Treat yourself to a taste of something new - how about treating yourself to a decadent lunch at one of Jersey’s leading Michelin-starred restaurants? A lunch menu can be an easily accessible way of experiencing the island’s leading cuisine and adding some Michelin-starred flavour to your stay.  So why not savour some of the island’s finest local products, all turned into gastronomic gold at the hands of our top ranking chefs - where you choose is up to you.


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Daily life can often be demanding, with no time to stop and enjoy the natural beauty of your surroundings. Take advantage of Jersey’s close proximity and natural landscape to discover your own stunning views. Hiring a bike is an easy way to see the island’s beauty at your own pace, from coastal cycle routes to tree-lined country lanes. Feel like exploring? Visit our cycle hire providers here and start planning your route.


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Spend some time reconnecting with the natural world at Durrell Wildlife Park, set up by naturalist Gerald Durrell in 1958 and now home to some of the world’s most endangered species. From gorillas to golden lion tamarins, meerkats to flamingos, explore the 32 acres of rare and local habitats at one of Jersey’s most celebrated visitor destinations and immerse yourself in nature.


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