Seven things not to miss in Jersey

Scenic highlights that are a must for your island break


Jersey may be a small island, but you'll find plenty to discover here. So take your time to uncover some unmissable scenic highlights, whatever time of year you’re visiting. After all, how many times are you able to say that you can fit a visit to the world’s first concrete lighthouse, time with some of the rarest species on the planet, views from the top of a medieval castle and a freshly-caught seafood lunch - all into one island break?


Admire Jersey’s coast and see all the way to France from the very top of one of the best preserved castles in the British Isles. And yes, you’ll have climbed quite a few steps to reach the battlements of Mont Orgueil castle, but the spectacular sea views from the top will be worth it. Reward yourself afterwards with homemade treats from Rhona's at the Beach on the Gorey Coast Road.


Take a walk down a winding path to see this eerie blow hole in the rocks. About 100 feet across and 200 feet deep, this natural crater is part of the dramatic north coast and named after a shipwreck left the remains of a ship’s wooden figurehead in the cave. Look out for the statue of the devil himself on the way down to the viewing platform and warm up with a drink at the pub afterwards.


See some of the most critically endangered species on the planet at Jersey Zoo, including Sumatran orangutans. With only a few thousand of these beautiful creatures in the wild, experience them up-close in the wild enclosures at Jersey Zoo.


In Jersey, you’re never far from the sea. So explore the range of Jersey’s pristine maritime habitats within the setting of Jersey’s Coastal National Park. From Stone Age dolmens on Grantez headland above St. Ouen’s bay to ruined cliff top castles and wildlife watching from the Wetland Centre’s bird hide, it’s an area rich in history, heritage and environmental diversity.



With very little light pollution, Jersey’s bright night skies can be breathtaking for stargazers, particularly on a winter’s evening when the Milky Way is clearly visible from the north-west coast. On a small island, you won’t have to go far to see the stars, with uninterrupted views of the night sky from most coasts. Make a wish… and then head to one of our country or coastal pubs to warm up.


Jersey’s villages of Gorey and St. Aubin both have their own unique character based on centuries of island seafaring culture. Immerse yourself in fishing village life with a stroll along the harbourside, where masts of fishing boats and yachts stand together, and then continue the maritime theme with a seafood lunch at a local restaurant.


Standing as a sentinel on Jersey’s western tip, Corbière lighthouse was the world’s first concrete lighthouse, built in 1873. It’s one of the island’s most photographed spots and at low tide, you can carefully navigate the stone causeway out to the lighthouse - but beware of being cut off by the rising tide!


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