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Nature’s never far away in Jersey. For a small island, Jersey is full of natural, wild spaces where you can reconnect and experience nature at its best. Get out on a bike and discover the island on two wheels.

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From the wide open spaces of the Jersey National Park spanning Jersey’s west coast to the wild heights of the north coast and the low tide lunar landscape uncovered by the island’s tides, Jersey’s has some rare natural habitats and unique wildlife that are just waiting to be discovered.  Jersey’s unspoiled terrain make it an ideal destination for exploring cyclists. 

Cycle routes in Jersey

Our roads are mostly quiet with a network of cycle routes in Jersey clearly marked to follow. Follow one of a number of cycle routes which are well sign posted and take in miles of lush countryside and Green Lanes, where pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders have priority over cars and motorists must slow to 15 miles an hour. To explore the island yourself, download our cycle routes in Jersey, guide and navigate through a range of marked cycle routes connecting you to beaches, countryside, attractions and refreshments.

Jersey's cycle guide

Cycle hire in Jersey

Imagine an island break, where you discover views of cliffs, see and sky and explore Jersey’s pristine beaches and bays. With 350 miles of roads, byways and lanes to explore, what better way to explore than with a cycle hirey? Feel the pace slow to the steady ebb and flow of the tide, one of the largest in the world. Whether you are a keen cyclist, or just want to escape the hectic noise of city life, breathe in the fresh sea air and revitalise on two wheels.  Big Maggy's Bike ShopJersey Bike Hire at Aaron's Bikes, Jersey Bus & Boat Tours​Puffin Bike Hire and Zebra Cycles all offer cycle hire in Jersey. 

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