Day trips from Jersey

Explore the beauty and diversity of Jersey’s neighbouring islands and coasts


For something different, how about island hopping between Jersey’s neighbouring islands, reefs and French seaside towns?  Experience the true diversity of the Channel Islands and enjoy a brief taste of France at these beautiful locations - each with their own personality and story to tell, and all easy to reach with a day trip from Jersey.


If you’re craving an epic island adventure, Jersey Seafaris have got you covered. Escape to the otherworldly islands of Les Écréhous on an exciting RIB adventure. Reach thrilling speeds on the water as you take in stunning scenery, and if you’re lucky, you'll spot pods of dolphins and seals swimming in your wake. When you shore up at Les Écréhous, roll out a ready-made picnic from the Fresh Fish Company to make your wildest, fishiest dreams come true.



Stick a pin in Britain’s most southerly spot. On a perfect day, the soft sandbanks and clear waters of Les Minquiers are a little slice of heaven. Swim, paddleboard or roll out a picnic - it's your island paradise - just remember to look out for dolphins playing in your wake as you make the unforgettable crossing to this unique beauty spot. 



In just over an hour by fast ferry you can be strolling through Guernsey’s harbour capital, St. Peter Port. Breeze through this seaside gem with its harbour views, salty sea air and cobbled streets that lead through to boutique shops, foodie spots and dinky cafés. Just don't enjoy yourself too much and forget to come back... :) 



Landing in Sark feels like stepping back in time. Welcome to a place where the fastest thing on the road has four legs and a tail, and the pace of life trundles along at an easy clip. Visitors can explore the length and breadth of little Sark by foot, bicycle or even horse and cart with wide open sea in every direction. Take a morning dip in Dixcart Bay in perfect solitude, spin around winding country lanes on two wheels, before refuelling with a sea-foodie lunch and a crisp glass of white. When the day is done, roll out a blanket and stargaze under some of the darkest skies in Europe. 



For a flavour of France, take a day trip to the historic city of Saint-Malo, just over an hour away from Jersey. Saint-Malo’s lively maze of cobbled streets and medieval ramparts are dotted with restaurants, shops and boutiques to explore. Share a chilled bottle of white with someone special over Breton crêpes and classic Moules À La Creme, all drenched in French sunshine, then potter through quirky souvenir shops and find something effortlessly chic at a French boutique - ah, la vie en rose! 



Where else can you hop over for lunch in France in about the time it takes to cook a fry up? A quick 30-minute RIB trip can whisk you to the French coast to the foodie market town of Carteret, where you’ll find everything from Breton crêperies to Michelin star-studded bistros serving up local fruits de mer. Book a trip with Island Rib Voyages or Jersey Seafaris, and soak in the real French vibes before hopping back to Jersey for a lazy afternoon... 



Herm is a little beauty. At a dinky one and a half miles long by a half mile wide, what the smallest Channel Island lacks in size, it more than makes up for in simple beauty. Slow down time and discover a place with no wheels, forget cars or even bicycles, as you set out on foot and breathe in the fresh sea air at your own pace. With windswept coastlines, secluded beaches to get lost in and an authentic local watering hole at the Mermaid Tavern, there’s plenty here to while away a few perfect hours. 



A thrilling 45-minute RIB ride will whisk you to the French islands of Chausey. At low tide, 365 islands make up this archipelago between Jersey and France (think Waterworld with French subtitles!) The Big Island or ‘Grands Ile’ is the largest and only occupied island, where you can tuck into a sea-foodie lunch somewhere your friends could only dream of, or roll out a picnic with a warm baguette from the local boulangerie. Bon voyage.   



It's not just the rich kids of Instagram that get to enjoy lifestyles of the rich and famous – you can live the dream too, for maybe less than you think... Imagine chartering your own boat through crystal clear waters as you bask in the sunshine and shore up on hidden islands. From a whitewater RIB to a luxury sailing yacht, your experienced crew will do all the hard work – you just have to focus on topping up your tan and making your friends super-envious. Feel free to map your own route, destination and schedule – your private crew work to your time and nobody else’s – and for larger groups and families, it can be surprisingly good value. Hey, no harm in taking a look… 


Small island. Big personality.

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Day Trips

Explore the beauty and diversity of Jersey’s neighbouring islands and coasts
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