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Jersey’s unique character of land and sea, coast and countryside uniting in the Jersey National Park is something that local people are passionate about. Mike Stentiford from the Jersey National Park shares his story why the Park is a place of rediscovery.

Reconnect & revitalise

Islanders know how special Jersey is as a place to reconnect and revitalise, what it has to offer and most importantly how the island makes you feel. It’s hard to find better ambassadors for the island than the people who live the island’s natural landscape to the full all year round. 

Pride & passion

The passion of islanders for Jersey was no more evident than the day of ‘The Line in the Sand’. Organised by The National Trust for Jersey, the island community came together to form a peaceful demonstration along the sands of St. Ouen’s Bay to permanently protect Jersey’s coastal landscapes. This pride, enthusiasm and vitality for Jersey led to the creation of the Jersey National Park.

Peace & tranquillity

There are few islands worldwide, small on size, which offer such diverse seasonal attractiveness than the Jersey National Park. In autumn, from the steep and rugged north coast cliff paths, to where the russet-browns of bracken bathe, the sloping headlands come to life in the golden light. The views from along the north-facing landscape are breath-taking. You too can take in the peace and tranquillity of the north coast.

Invigorating playground

The entire sweep of St. Ouen’s Bay is the largest section of Jersey’s National Park. Exposed daily to the fresh Jersey atmosphere, exploring the submerged coastal landscapes is an invigorating experience. This giant-sized ‘bite’ out of Jersey’s west coast remains forever as the natural ‘playground’ for surfers and adrenaline seekers and bright and breezy walks. Come up for air on the sand dunes which edge along Jersey’s southern coastline. The pace slows to the steady ebb and flow of the tide and the environmental credentials of the Park are celebrated with wildlife in abundance. 

Replenish body & mind

Two completely different environments offer replenishment to the mind and body lie within the Park’s eastern boundaries. Sea air rarely comes fresher than when taking the half-mile walk to the end of St. Catherine’s breakwater. Look out to sea and beyond the offshore reef of Les Ecrehous where the Normandy mainland lies a mere 16 miles away. 

Free to be together

Just a short distance away from the breakwater is the beautiful woodland of St. Catherine’s where ‘kicking leaves and hugging trees’ has become a regular autumnal family pastime where you too can be free to be together. Whatever age, interest or ability, rediscovering the joys and colours of autumn in Jersey’s National Park will captivate, entertain, inspire and, above all, leave you with a smile on your face. When the time comes for the tide to rise again, you’ll feel ready to dive back in with a freshness in your heart. 

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