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Five ways to get a taste of Jersey


Jersey’s famous for its food - Jersey Royals and its rich creamy milk from Jersey cows. If you’re visiting the island, bring a healthy appetite for some of our unique food experiences. From restaurants that serve the best of Jersey’s seasonal produce to locally produced gifts and souvenirs to take home, here are five ways to get the most out of your foodie break in Jersey.

Fresh fish and seafood

Love fresh fish and seafood? Look out for local mackerel, sea bass and spider crabs on menus where ‘catch of the day’ means exactly that. Put Jersey lobster and Grouville bay oysters on your tasting list if you’re a seafood aficionado, and experience the flavour of seafood from Jersey’s pristine waters. See the catch of the day at Jersey’s fish markets and suppliers, from Faulkner Fisheries at L’Etacq and Beresford Fish Market to The Fresh Fish Company’s stall at the harbour.


Jersey Royals

They’re protected with a special status, like champagne, so getting a taste of Jersey Royals in the only place they’re grown is a one-off experience. During their short season (April - June) you can taste them on Jersey’s restaurant menus and from the ‘hedge veg’ roadside stalls across the island. Rich and salty from the tides, sweet from the island’s sunshine, they’re a unique taste of Jersey.


Jersey salted caramel

Everyone from Nigella to Nigel Slater has caught onto salted caramel recently and as Jersey cows produce the richest, creamiest milk, the island’s local salted caramel is worth a try. La Crémière’s bottles of Jersey Salted Caramel are available to buy in Selfridges, but you can pick them up in the place they’re made - Jersey. Find them at farm shops across the island and at La Belle Gourmande delicatessen in St. Aubin. 

La Mare Wine Estate

A tasting experience in the heart of Jersey’s countryside, this 20-acre wine estate and 18th century farmhouse isn’t just the UK’s most southerly vineyard producing a range of local wines, La Mare Wine Estate is also a place to pick up gourmet souvenirs and gifts including Jersey black butter, Jersey gin and chocolate made with local milk. Interested? Make a lunch stop at the Wine Estate’s on-site restaurant to try the produce for yourself.                               

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