Foraging in Jersey.

Your journey from field to fork.


Just nine by five miles, Jersey's probably a lot wilder than you think. And a lot tastier too. There's nothing as rewarding for the food-curious than foraging for wild edibles in the coastal landscapes that circle Jersey's natural larder. There's a lot on the menu - to the trained nose, there are fungi, berries, sea herbs and many tasty plants to be found in our wildest spaces. Meet the Jersey foragers who will take you on a culinary safari to give your friends maximum food envy. Just bring an appetite for adventure and remember to follow our countryside code.

Meet the foragers

Forage with Kazz

Wild Adventures

With his Wild Adventures, Kazz Padidar aims to give kids and adults a taste of the Wild Life, with bushcraft and survival skills, including foraging. You can find Kazz located in the west of Jersey; explore the wilds of St. Ouen in both coastal and land based habitats, take in fantastic scenery, encounter local wildlife and learn about the vast variety of wild edible, medicinal plants, and seaweeds this unique island has to offer. BOOK >


Forage tour

Wild Adventures Jersey


St. Brelade
Meet the foragers

Forage with Derek and Trudie

Jersey Walk Adventures

Trudie & Derek explore the endlessly changing border between land and ocean. Their aim is to reconnect people to nature, enable a better understanding of the environment and an appreciation of what nature has to offer. Explore rock pools, cross sand bars and gullies on a guided walk into Europe’s largest rocky intertidal zone to find hidden botanical treasures and wildlife. BOOK >


Forage Tour

Jersey Walk Adventures


Meet the foragers

Forage with Amanda

Wild Shinrin-Yoku Forest Bathing

Take a walk in Jersey’s beautiful National Park and you might come across Amanda wandering among the trees. Amanda guides Shinrin-yoku, or Forest Bathing, walks. This practice facilitates a deep connection with one's surroundings attuning via all the senses. Join Amanda on a foraged wild herb Tea Ceremony, gazing out over the ocean to the horizon. As an intuitive herbalist Amanda journeys with the herbs and plants she encounters, inviting a perceptual shift, that often contains elements of visual, emotional and visceral experience. BOOK >


Forage tour

Forest Bathing


St. Brelade
Meet Anna

Founder of Manomara


When Anna Messervy-Evans moved to Jersey after a career working in cosmetic science in the UK, she wanted to use her expertise and knowledge to create something that would reflect the way she lived in Jersey. Her cosmetic product recipes reflect Jersey’s clean seawater, coastal air and fresh produce - discover how she uses local items you can find by the sea in her beauty regime. MEET ANNA >

Seabed Tours

Moonlight Walks to Seymour Tower



The Cottage Garden Health & Beauty at Longueville Manor


St. Saviour

Explore Jersey's National Park

The Jersey National Park provides visitors with a unique opportunity to enjoy a coastal environment steeped in history, rich in agricultural and natural diversity and bustling with activities that appeal to every interest and age group. Miles of unspoiled beaches and headlands, a number of excellent restaurants and eating places plus a wide choice of recreational activities constantly ensure boundless opportunities and untold benefits, all reached within minutes of each other.

Jersey National Park
Explore the Jersey National Park

Explore the Jersey National Park

Top Tips for Foraging

What you need to know

  • Gather fresh
  • Only gather what you need and will use
  • Many species of plants can look similar and some can be extremely poisonous. If in doubt, don’t eat it and go with a guide!
  • Cut only the top third of seaweeds from the rocks – which is usually the best part – so it will regrow
  • Avoid foraging by roadsides or near harbours due to pollution
  • Don’t light wild fires
  • Minimise damage to the nearby habitat and species
  • Make sure you have the land owners permission to forage
  • Check plants aren’t growing in a legally protected area or are a species protected by law
  • Pick in moderation and only where plants are plentiful, they may be rare!
  • Pick with care and never uproot plants
  • Follow the countryside code and Responsible Foraging Guidelines (see below)
Foraging area and forage tour

Leave behind only your footprints.

Please help us protect our natural environment by following our countryside code.


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Protected Plants in Jersey

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The Conservation of Wildlife (Jersey) Law 200

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Policing of Parks (Jersey) Regulations 2005

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Jersey Sites of Special Interest

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The Sites of Special interest (SSI's) are designated under Planning and Building (Jersey) Law 2002

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Regulation 55 (2)b states that 'to pick, uproot, damage or destroy a plant' is a restricted activity on an SSI. 


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