Jersey Breca Swimrun.

Buddy up for the adventure of a lifetime.

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The Breca Jersey Swimrun is on for 2021 and is better and wetter than ever. 

This year, we're also proud to be the designated host of the 2021 UK National Swimrun Championship. This means that 120 of the top swimrun athletes from the UK will join the existing field of competitors on 4 September. 

Test the limits of your body and spirit against the open water, technical trails and sheer drama of Jersey’s coast. Push for the burn through tall cliffs, rugged headland and salty surf as you charge in and out of the water. 

The full course is on pause this year but the sprint distance promises to deliver a day to remember so get your wetsuits at the ready and get set to conquer Breca Jersey.

Little feats. Big thrills. Your Breca adventure starts here. 

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Find the perfect buddy.

Breca Jersey Swimrun is all about teamwork, so choose your buddy wisely. 

In the sprint distance, teams of two traverse trails and open water, running in their wetsuits and swimming in their shoes over 20 kilometres of Jersey coastline (That's a 15.5km run / 4.5km swim!) Teams race counter-clockwise around the coast in a battle against Jersey's relentless 40ft tides.

Together, you're an unstoppable force.

Dive in and give it a go.

Dip your toes into the world of Swimrun.

Experience the world of Swimrun with Breca’s sprint relay race and solo sprint race. The relay format has several swim and run sections and is perfect for giving swimrun a try or for those not ready to take on a bigger distance.

Experience incredible ocean swims and epic trails as your traverse the island’s coast racing towards your buddy. Take on the sections individually to conquer the course as a unit. 

Don’t let all your hard work and training throughout months of lockdown go to waste. Give it a go this year, and come back for the full monty in 2022.

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  • Jersey Breca Swimrun
    Jersey Breca Swimrun
    Jersey Breca Swimrun

Race against the tide.

As a racing destination, Jersey never stands still for a moment. With some of the largest tides in the world, the island is on the move as you race, from the gorse-clad coastlines and grassy sand dunes to sweeping bays that change shape as the tide rises.

It almost goes without saying you’ll need to be a strong swimmer and runner to complete the race, and possess more than a smidgen of mental toughness, but with the right attitude, training and teammate, it’ll be an experience that lives long in the memory. 


Plan your island break adventure.

Pumped to test your limits on the Breca Swimrun? Meet the legend behind the beard!

Sean Conway is an endurance adventure seeker, both on holiday and in his day-to-day life he looks for ways to add a little adrenaline. Sean shares his awesome tips on how to plan your micro adventure and discover what you’re made of in the island break. 


Find fit friends

Buddy up with a local.

Great teamwork could be the difference between hitting a wall and crossing that finishing line. Together, you can overcome the roughest waters and pull through the rockiest climbs. 

If you're looking to buddy up with a friendly local who knows the dips and climbs of Jersey's wild and varied terrain, the Jersey Triathalon Club would love to hear from you. Don't be shy, get in touch! 



Think you have what it takes to battle the third largest tidal range in the world?
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