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Taste the cream of the crop of local Jersey cider


These days, Jersey is better known for its potatoes than its apples, but you don’t have to go back too far to discover a time when Jersey cider was the island’s most popular export. Learn more about local cider and where to taste it, and get yourself a real taste of Jersey heritage. And did we mention it’s the perfect match for seafood?

In the 1800s, Jersey’s apple orchards made up a large proportion of the island’s rural landscape, and while these days you’re more likely to see Jersey cows and fields of Jersey Royals than fruit trees, the island is still celebrating its apple-growing heritage with local producers creating a new crop of ciders. From Branchage cider from the 25 acres of La Mare Wine Estate to Jersey’s own La Robeline cider made by cider-making couple Richard and Sarah Matlock, discover more about the island’s delicious cider production... and learn where to try some for yourself.

With the coast of Normandy just a few miles away, it’s not surprising Jersey cider has always shared much of the flavour and fizz of its French cousin, cidre bouché. Try La Robeline cider, a local brew found on the shelves of most shops and supermarkets - its soft sparkling flavour will taste similar to a French cider, but with a unique Jersey personality. La Robeline cider-makers Richard and Sarah Matlock say: “The way we make cider is a French way, using a vintage French cider press, and just apples, nothing else. We believe it’s the closest we can get to the authentic taste of original Jersey cider.”

“We’re reintroducing the same type of apples that would have been here 200 years ago’” says Sarah Matlock. “Because we make it ourselves using local apples, absolutely nothing else goes into it. The taste changes slightly from season to season, and from orchard to orchard. It’s all to do with the Jersey terroir, which can change dramatically from one side of the island to the other. It’s what gives our cider its signature fruity flavour and its sparkle in the bottle, and something that’s won us two gold stars at the Taste Awards!”

Cider is always best enjoyed in the sunshine, so take advantage of the mild Jersey climate to try a pint or two of locally-brewed cider at one of our alfresco terraces or country pubs. And try pairing it with locally-caught seafood - its semi-dry taste and sparkling texture is a great match to much of the island’s oysters, scallops and fish. In Jersey, you’re not just enjoying a delicious local product, you’re also getting a taste of the island’s heritage.

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