Jersey Cows

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With their golden colouring and dark-eyed good looks, Jersey cows will be a familiar sight if you’re exploring the island.

The purebred Jersey cow has been a feature of the landscape for more than 200 years, and while you may see the familiar golden coat of a Jersey in countries across the world, every Jersey cow’s ancestry can be traced back to the original Jersey Herd Book, founded in 1863 by the Royal Jersey Agricultural & Horticultural Society. As well as being one of the most friendly breeds, Jersey cows are famous for their high quality rich and creamy milk - naturally high in butter fat - which is used to produce an amazing range of Jersey dairy products from butter and ice-cream to yoghurt, clotted cream and cheese. Don’t miss the experience of trying Jersey milk products in the island famous for its cows - you’ll have plenty of choice from creamy Jersey milk in your tea or coffee to Jersey Dairy ice-cream. Jersey Dairy is the producer-owned co-operative that collects and markets the island’s Jersey milk, and was the first dairy in the British Isles to receive the prestigious international ISO 9001 award. There are now more than 30 herds of Jersey cows across the island, with an estimated 3,000 cows.

Jersey cattle may only be a small breed, but they’re one of the best milk producers, especially when they’re grazing on the island’s lush green landscape. As well as cream and butter, Jersey milk is being used to produce several artisan cheeses, from Jersey brie and camembert to an award-winning Jersey Golden Blue. You can try the range of Classic Herd Cheeses at many of the island’s shops and supermarkets - or buy direct from the Classic Herd Farm Shop in St Peter. Rich Jersey milk is one of the island’s key food experiences - why not try it as part of a Jersey cream tea, with Jersey clotted cream, freshly baked scones and locally-made black butter? Stop at any of the Jersey ice-cream vans for a creamy Jersey ice-cream, best enjoyed in the sunshine. And look out for the locally-produced La Crémière’s Salted Caramel Sauce, handmade using rich Jersey butter and cream to give it its famous golden taste and colour.

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