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Jersey produce to eat in autumn


Food tastes better when you eat with the seasons - and that’s particularly true in Jersey, where our local produce is grown, caught or reared in the Jersey sunshine. A foodie island break gives you the opportunity to taste the flavour of the season.  Here are our top autumn ingredients to look out for on restaurant menus, or from local markets or farm shops. Don’t miss them.

Jersey tomatoes

The island’s mild climate, position on the Gulf stream and high light levels all help to give Jersey tomatoes their rich, sun-ripened flavour. Tomatoes don’t travel too well, so Jersey with its tomato growers just up the road is the perfect place to taste the tastiest toms. The autumn may be the end of the season, but don’t miss a chance to try local Jersey tomatoes. Pick up Jersey tomatoes from the market - look out for the selection from Three Oaks Vinery run by the Blake family who use bees for natural pollination.



Well before the Jersey Royal, Jersey’s apple orchards were a key part of the island’s landscape. Apples and the island’s cider-making traditions fed Jersey with a rich heritage - and cider was the island’s biggest export, with orchards making up almost a fifth of Jersey’s land mass. These days, orchards are more scattered, but look out for local small-scale craft cider producers like Richard and Sarah Matlock from La Robeline or La Mare Vineyards with their Branchage cider. Taste either of those two local ciders from pubs, restaurants and shops across the island. 


Jersey pumpkins

Visit Jersey in the autumn and you’ll most likely pass fields spilling over with pumpkins. They’re a key part of the island’s autumnal harvest - look out for them on island restaurant menus to taste the pick of the crop. For chef Joe Baker from St Helier’s Number 10 restaurant, pumpkins are his autumnal favourite. ‘The pumpkins I like the best are the one from farmer Didier Hellio, grown on his farm near my house in St Ouen’s. I love serving them exactly like I do at Number 10 with homemade pasta. My perfect recipe? First roast the pumpkin in brown butter, then when it’s tender, purée it with some ground almonds and a dash of almond essence. Use the mixture to fill fresh ravioli, and when they’re cooked, serve in sage butter with a little ricotta cheese and cobnuts. Autumn perfection’.


Fungi foraging

Fancy getting your hands dirty in search of some of Jersey’s rare fungi delicacies?  In autumn you can join Andrea Simoncell for a guided walk through woodland in St Peter’s Valley to identify edible mushrooms. Organised by the National Trust for Jersey, you’ll hear how to spot and prepare rare fungi for yourself. Interested? Call 01534 483193 to find out more. 



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