Jersey Royals - where to get the pick of the crop

Taste them in the only place they’re grown


You can’t mistake the taste of Jersey Royals. With a unique flavour from the island’s mineral-rich land, fed by the sea, along with our warm climate and generations-old farming techniques, don’t miss your chance to taste them in the only place they’re grown; Jersey.

Hedge veg stalls

Locals know the best place to get the freshest Jersey Royals is at one of the tiny roadside stands that spring up in season and where it’s more about food metres than food miles. A bag of ‘hedge veg’ - Jersey Royals or local tomatoes, courgettes and fresh strawberries - is the finest way to taste local flavour. No queues here, just leave payment in the honesty box.


Central Market

Find your favourite local flavour under the Victorian wrought-iron arches of Jersey’s Central Market where local stalls sell produce from Jersey’s land and sea, as well as from further afield. A mecca for foodies, look out for fresh-from-the-field Jersey Royals from May to June as well as the chance to chat to local market trader characters.

Central Market, Halkett Place, St Helier

Farm shops

Farming’s part of Jersey’s heritage, and the island’s farm shops are where you’ll meet local producers, often with generations of experience. Don’t miss the chance to pick up fresh Jersey Royals from a unique Jersey location like the Classic Farm Shop where you’ll come face to face with the other iconic island expert, the Jersey cow, and try owner and local cheesemaker Julia Quénault’s top-rated Jersey cheeses and ice cream.

Manor Farm, La Route du Manoir, St Peter

Farmers’ Market at St Aubin

Head to charming harbour village St Aubin and you might catch one of the year’s famous farmers’ markets. With everything from Jersey Royals to homemade jam and black butter or even a local pork pie, experience a step back into the island’s farming culture for yourself.

St Aubin’s 

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