Meet Andrew

Executive Chef at Longueville Manor


Meet Andrew, hands on Executive Chef at Longueville Manor.  He is also a keen fisherman, family man, qualified dive master and sailor! Find out why he thinks Jersey is a great place for music anytime of the year and what his favourite local food to try is! 

Meet Andrew

Executive Chef at Longueville Manor

Why is Longueville Manor a must-visit restaurant?
Cheese! It took me two years to develop my dream cheese trolley and now we have over 35 varieties and every member of staff knows the names and the order to eat them in; I know people who now come to Longueville for the cheese alone.

Anything else we need to know?
Diners love that items on their plate have come from our own Victorian Kitchen Garden only 20 metres away from the dining room. You can’t beat the taste of locally and organically grown fruit and vegetables.



In autumn

Find out why Andrew loves Jersey

What is your favourite local food to try?
A freshly picked Jersey crab sandwich of course – enjoy al fresco at Longueville or from any good Jersey beach café.

How do you come up for air when out of the kitchen?
I enjoy going to the island's outdoor performances and festivals. There is really something for everyone from excellent bands performing to lively crowds in the open air, to famous jazz musicians performing in historic local bars.

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