Meet Bren

The Hungry Man, Rozel Bay


Meet Bren, from the Hungry Man Rozel, he says that Rozel is one of the jewels in the crown when it comes to Jersey’s coastline, and you can’t get much closer to the sea without getting wet than sitting up against the railings at The Hungry Man.  Bren shares with us what it is about autumn that he loves. 

Meet Bren

The Hungry Man, Rozel

Why is the Hungry Man a must-visit restaurant?

Everything is made to order. You want crispy bacon, you got crispy bacon. The crab sandwich you ordered, is made minutes after you've placed your order. And it's all crab, no sauces are used here. The menu is just a guideline, mix and match as much as you want. 

Who should go?

The Hungry Man should be enjoyed by diners that are not in a hurry, we pride ourselves on serving great food, rather than fast food.  If you've got a problem, you'll probably find a friendly ear. If you don't know where the bus stop is, or the way to the cliff path you'll find directions. If you want to stop, really stop, then take a minute, and sit with us. 

In autumn

Find out why Bren loves Jersey

How do you come up for air when out of the kitchen?

I love low water fishing, and late autumn brings the opportunity to go searching for ormers. It's not easy, but it's a great day out with my dog. I'd love to share with you where I go looking for ormers, but as anyone who has ever done it knows, it's highly classified.

After a busy summer in the café, I love getting away from it all, just listening to the waves break over the rocks, and only worrying about whether or not my wellies are going to be filled with water.

Now you've met Bren

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