Meet Darius

Head chef at Le Braye


Meet Darius head chef at Le Braye.  When he esacpes from the kitchen in autumn, he likes to enjoy spending time with his wife and family, enjoying fresh local produce. 

Meet Darius

Head chef at Le Braye

Tell us about you:  
I am from Poland, I am married and I have a 14-month old daughter

Why is Le Braye a must visit eatery in Jersey?
It has a great location, good food and friendly staff

Who should go?
Everyone, whatever your age, we serve breakfast, lunch and dinner

In autumn

Find out why Darius loves Jersey

What is your favourite food?
Local seafood, especially local Mackerel

What makes Jersey ‘the island break for you’?
I am a family man and Jersey is the perfect safe location for an island break. For a fun and exciting experience, I recommend breakfast at Le Braye, a Jersey Seafaris RIB trip, followed by a BBQ and a swim at St Ouen’s Bay

How would you spend the perfect autumn day?
A paddle on my kayak in the morning, then a picnic with my wife and daughter somewhere quiet

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