Rik & Lisa

An ultra healthy relationship.


It might be a cliché but couples who train together, stay together. Perhaps it’s because they support each other through their fitness goals, share amazing life experiences, and push each other through life’s challenges. We can’t think of a better example than Jersey ambassadors Rik & Lisa, founders of 9x5 adventures, who have taken their couple goals to new heights with their fitness startup which offers bespoke cycling and running tours year round.



What inspired you both to launch 9 by 5 adventures?

Rik: Jersey is a stunningly beautiful, unique and serene landscape which we are lucky to be able to live and train in and I'd love to share it's beauty with as many folks as possible.

Lisa: We both did our Leadership in Running Fitness and British Cycling Ride Leader earlier on this year and when we thought about what we could do with it, realised that there was a real gap in the market.  We love going on holidays that are jam packed with activities and figured that there must be lots of people that come to Jersey for that reason and so decided we’d love to help people see the island from a different view.  We figured that we’re out there enjoying it most days anyway so why not encourage others to come join us!




What is it about Jersey that inspired you to make it your training ground?

Rik: We've both lived and trained in some awesome places but Jersey always seems to pull us back. There are few places where you can swim, bike and run in such easily accessible and pristine surroundings.

Lisa:  It really does have everything (minus a big mountain!).  We’ve made such great friends through being members of Big Maggy's Race Team, Jersey Tri Club and Jersey Spartans and there is always so much going on be it training or racing that makes us want to keep Jersey as home.  We are so lucky to have such an active calendar for such a small places and to be surrounded by so many enthusiastic and inspiring people!



Where’s your favourite place to train in Jersey?

Rik: Tough question and it depends on the discipline. My first love is trail running so training on the cliffpaths, more specifically between Corbière and Ouaisne where I grew up.

Lisa:  Anywhere with a good view. St. Ouen’s Bay has so many little hills along it that I use for training on.  Knowing that when you reach the top and turn around you are going to be faced with a stunning view always helps!


What’s your favourite place to refuel in jersey?

Rik: As Lisa will attest, I will always try to work in a stop at Ransoms Tea Rooms into our bike rides. Their vegan carrot cake is insanely good.

Lisa: Yeah, every long ride seems to end up here and I’m definitely not going to complain about that!  We live out at Plemont and the ride out there is always worth it, the cakes are amazing!  We did also recently discover the vegan cake down at The Hungry Man which we will go back for again.  Although, next time save half for at the top of the climb out of Rozel.  That hill is tough enough as it is without a belly full of cake!!


What’s your favourite place to wind down in Jersey together after a hard work out?

Rik: I know Lisa's will be the Watersplash in St. Ouen's and to be honest now that they serve decent vegan pizzas and my favourite local brew, Stinky Bay, I'm starting to agree. Plus that sunset!

Lisa: Yeah, I’ll agree with that.  Nothing beats a sundowner at the Watersplash with a Crabbie’s and curly fries!  It’s such a melting pot for so many islanders and you can always guarantee that you’ll bump into someone you know!


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