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Take home a taste of the island


There something nice about taking home something to remind you of your Jersey holiday or island break. Especially when they include some of Jersey’s delicious local flavours. Put some of these food souvenirs in your suitcase, and take a taste of the island home with you.

Good for: sweet tooths

It’s the ultimate impossible to resist dessert - especially when it’s made from the richest Jersey cream and Jersey butter. Packaged in a milk churn-shaped bottle, Jersey Salted Caramel is sold at Selfridges, but don’t miss buying a few as gifts in the island where it’s made - just make sure you stock up on enough for yourself, you can buy it at La Belle Gourmande, St. Aubin.  


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Good for: keen cooks

The island’s powerful tides and pure sea water are part of Jersey’s character - they’re captured in the artisan locally-produced Jersey Sea Salt, beautifully packaged jars of pure salt crystals rich in nutrients and made with natural processes. Extremely high in natural minerals and with nothing added, take home an artisan taste of the sea. You can buy Jersey Sea Salt online.  


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Good for: Christmas

One of the island’s seasonal specialities, Jersey Black Butter is actually more of a conserve than a butter, but nobody’s complaining. This rich condiment is a heady mix of cider apples and cinnamon - and tastes great in Christmas puddings, with cheese or cold meats and even in desserts like cheesecakes and creme brulees.  You can buy this and lots of other local produce at Maison La Mare 


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Good for: savoury fiends

Go the whole hog and pick up some homemade bacon jam from The Works in Gorey Village. Deliciously moreish, it’s amazing with cheese or cold meats or follow the chef at The Work’s recommendation and serve it in his famous scallop and bacon jam recipe.

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