Walks in Jersey

From dusk to dawn


What better way to reconnect with family and friends, than to walk along Jersey’s unspoilt coastline and watch the sun sink into the sea or catch first light? Here’s our guide to the five walks to discover Jersey from dusk until dawn.

1. Grantez

Explore Jersey’s ancient history as you walk amongst the megalithic Dolmen de Monts of Grantez, in Jersey’s north west. From its high vantage point, explore the maritime grass heathland and the wealth of wildlife who live on the site, and watch the sun set across St. Ouen’s Bay. Listen out for the Kestrels calling goodnight. Don’t miss the annual sunset concerts held on the fourth weekend of June. Picnickers and revelers dance to the harmonic sounds of local bands performing in the beautiful natural amphitheatre of Grantez.

2. La Corbière

Spend a day exploring Jersey’s southern coastline and the charm of harbourside St. Aubin before heading up the gentle incline of the Railway Walk to La Corbière Lighthouse. Discover Jersey’s past and the remains of the railway’s trackbed last used in the Occupation with its bridges, embankments and cuttings. As you reach the peak of the island’s extreme south-western point, relax and enjoy a well-deserved sundowner with views of La Corbière Lighthouse. Watch the waves encircle the lighthouse tower, as the tide rises, and enjoy panoramic views across St. Ouen’s Bay.

3. La Saline

Nestled in the north of St. Ouen’s Bay, you’ll discover one of Jersey’s hidden gems - La Saline. Walk the breadth of the five mile beach feeling the sea beneath your feet and settle down for an evening BBQ. Watch surfers catch the last waves of the day before the sun disappears into the Atlantic Ocean. Set yourself up for the evening with a BBQ and a bottle of wine. Make like a local and head down to Faulkner Fisheries only a short distance off at L’Etacq. Take your pick from the latest catch and keep it simple with a baguette and some delicious Jersey butter. Just remember a blanket to snuggle under!

4. Seymour Tower

As night descends, star like shapes of luminous green twinkle and sparkle in a few special coastal spots at low tide, illuminating the seabed at your feet. In the night sky, stars twinkle above you as you wander away from the shore line towards the sea line to Seymour Tower. As you walk to return to shore, and the tide turns to circle the coast, the sea will submerge Jersey’s coastal landscapes and wash away your footprints. Take a guided tour out to the Tower with with Jersey Walk Adventures


5. Fliquet

For those early birds, there’s nothing more revitalising than seeing a Jersey sunrise. Located in the eastern corner of Jersey’s coastline, enjoy panoramic views from Fliquet Bay just north of St. Catherine’s breakwater. A tranquil and picturesque bay, on a clear day it is possible to see France. For those up for a taste of adventure, with the sea on your doorstep, stay overnight at the nearby Archirondel Tower which provides a perfect base from which to explore the island's eastern side. Just don’t forget your flask of tea for your early morning cuppa!

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