Discover an island that’s small on size, but big on memories, where the sea is never more than ten minutes’ away. Set their minds free on an island break, packed with activities to experience and explore. We have created this handy guide to help you plan and prepare for your school trip, packed full of top tips and unique ideas to create an unforgettable experience.

A little boy on the boat over to Elizabeth Castle

School days of discovery.

Curious minds can discover an island that wears the traces of its colourful past. Jersey’s rich and multi-layered history spans from Ice Age mammoths to swashbuckling battles and stories of resistance in the wartime occupation. History is very much alive in Jersey, where everything is within easy reach.

Explore all of Jersey’s History and Heritage attractions.

Discover more

Step back in time with Jersey Heritage.

Discover Jersey’s maritime past, explore iconic castles, learn about Jersey’s unique heritage or uncover Jersey’s rural past at the places Jersey Heritage cares for. They can talk to you about how to get the most out of their museums and sites and can show you how to link these visits to your curriculum. They also have a series of loan boxes full of fascinating artefacts available to borrow for classroom study and can suggest historic walks for many parts of the island. Depending on the time of year where resources allow, Jersey Heritage staff can give talks on many historical topics from pre-history to modern-history.

Explore the past

Discover the island’s Occupation story.

The Jersey War Tunnels tells the true story of wartime Jersey in an immersive way. A great place to get a true picture of what life was really like in Jersey during WWII. The exhibition is housed within an underground tunnel complex, built by the Germans using slave labour. By bringing the occupation to life, the exhibits help today’s young people to appreciate the hardship, the heartache and the heroism of this period. In addition to the exhibition, visitors can also enjoy the war trail, garden of reflection, escape rooms, café and gift shop.

Explore the past

School days of adventure.

Jersey’s landscape provides a natural playground just waiting to be discovered. For the intrepid adventurer, there are cliffpaths to climb, woodlands to explore and rugged headland to conquer. Jersey’s unique natural diversity is the perfect outdoor classroom. Feed their curiosity in our marine and coastal environment and find the perfect way to engage a young mind. Discover some of the top activities to fill your school trip with daring deeds.

School days of wonder.

There is nothing like the great outdoors to inspire a young mind. From soaring cliffs to wooded valleys that lead through to pristine beaches, Jersey is a natural playground to bring your lessons to life. Lead the curious through lunar landscapes only revealed at low tide and instill them with wonder in Jersey’s National Park, where you’ll find plenty of space to breathe it all in.


Where to rest weary heads.

We get it – knowing that you’ve got a space to return to after a day’s exploration is the perfect peace of mind when co-ordinating school groups. Whatever your group size, here in the island break we have flexible accommodation options ready to provide that warm welcoming space to rest and rejuvenate.