Jersey Heritage’s events calendar is bursting with lots of wonderful events to inspire and delight. From insightful exhibitions to summer night sessions within the grounds of a medieval castle, there are a plethora of exciting things happening throughout the year, all set against the backdrop of our beautiful island.

Dates for your diary.

Summer Night Sessions at Mont Orgueil Castle  13 July & 10 August.

Roll out your picnic rug, open a chilled bottle of wine and soak in the Ibiza-style vibes of Jersey Heritage’s summer night sessions at Mont Orgueil Castle. Local music legends will be taking to the decks beneath the towering strong hold of the Castle Keep as the sun goes down in the distance.

Cineclub – Les Goûts et Les Couleurs  09 June. 

Come and celebrate the month of “fête de la musique” with us! A comedy about the clash of the popular and the elite, the “bon” and the “mauvais goût”…

Essential experiences for little (and big) history lovers.

Sir Walter Raleigh at Mont Orgueil Castle  07 March – 31 October.

Meet Sir Walter Raleigh at the castle and he’ll tell you all about his adventures at sea.

Wool Spinners at Hamptonne  05 March – 31 October.

Watch the ladies of Hamptonne use the Jersey spindle wheel to create local textile crafts.

Take a tour with King Charles II  03 April – 30 September.

Meet the “Merry Monach” himself for a tour of Elizabeth Castle and he’ll tell you some fascinating stories of his time in Jersey.

Tudor Falconer at work  02 May – 26 September.

Meet Jean Simon, the Tudor Falconer and his hawk Sovereign at Mont Orgueil Castle. Discover how he trains his birds of prey and watch them in action.

Victorian blacksmith at Hamptonne  13 July – 17 August. 

Feel the heat of the forge and find out more about arguably one of the most important artisans in the community.

Meet the castle storyteller  03 May – 27 September.

The storyteller at Mont Orgueil Castle is a living, breathing, walking encyclopedia of knowledge. So ask him anything about the castle and he will be delighted to answer you in his own unique way.

Expand your mind at Jersey Heritage exhibitions.

Bouan Appétit!  15 July – 30 December.

Learn about Jersey’s rich heritage of farming, fishing and food at this exhibition at the Jersey Museum. From our iconic Jersey Royals to our world-famous Jersey cows, Jersey is celebrated for its food and rightly so. A fascinating exhibition that will provide plenty of food for thought.

Trade Roots  15 August 2022 – 31 December.

Thought-provoking, and at times challenging, this exhibition exposes some uncomfortable new stories from Jersey’s past and examines the legacy and impact of transatlantic slavery on the island’s community today.

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