As we prepare to welcome Their Majesties’ King Charles III and Queen Camilla to the island this July, their first visit since 2012 when they came as part of a tour to celebrate the late Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee, we’re taking the opportunity to delve into Jersey’s Royal connection.

Discover how Jersey’s relationship with the Crown came to be, what King Charles III and Queen Camilla will be doing on their Royal island visit and how you can enjoy a holiday fit for a King (or Queen!) during your next Jersey escape.

Aerial photo of Jersey Mont Orgueil Castle

Jersey’s relationship with the British Crown

Our island boasts a unique and enduring relationship with the United Kingdom and the British Crown. The connection dates back nearly a millennium and is deeply rooted in history.

Jersey’s link to the British Crown began in 1066 with the Norman Conquest of England. William the Conqueror, the Duke of Normandy, became King of England, bringing the Channel Islands under the English Crown. Despite being geographically closer to France, Jersey and the other Channel Islands remained loyal to the English monarch.

Today, Jersey is a Crown Dependency, meaning it is not part of the United Kingdom but owes allegiance to the British Crown. The island has its own government, legal system, and financial regulations, while the Crown retains responsibility for defence and international representation. This relationship is symbolised by regular Royal visits, such as the upcoming visit by King Charles III, reinforcing the historical and cultural ties between Jersey and the British Crown.

Their Majesties’ 2024 Royal Visit to Jersey

King Charles III has been to Jersey five times over the last seven decades. From Royal visits to excavation projects, we’ve been delighted to welcome His Majesty to the island over the years. We’ll be rolling out the red carpet in July 2024 as Their Majesties’ King Charles III and Queen Camilla arrive in Jersey for their overnight visit. They’ll meet friendly locals, try Jersey delicacies and find out what makes our island so special. There will also be a special sitting of the States Assembly and The Royal Court to mark the occasion.

Discover Jersey through the eyes of King Charles III

Whilst Royal schedules only allow for a short visit to the island, those with a little more time on their hands will find plenty to fill their days here in Jersey.

From environmental sustainability to craftsmanship and heritage preservation, discover how you can experience Jersey in a way that honours His Majesty’s dedication to nature, history, and community.

Find your regal residence

How about becoming King or Queen of your very own castle for a long weekend? A stay at Elizabeth Castle might be just the ticket. In Jersey we have some truly unique and historic places to stay that will add a regal twist to your island escape. You can expect a royal welcome at Longueville Manor or perhaps lording it up in your own fort is more your style? Wherever you choose to stay, it’ll be sure to make your reign in Jersey a memorable one.

Tread lightly

King Charles III has been a vocal advocate for conservation, action on climate change and promoting sustainable practices. A pioneer in organic farming, he converted his estate, Highgrove House, into a fully organic farm.

For those looking to follow in the footsteps of the King and tread a little more lightly on their travels, there are plenty of kind-to-the-planet attractions and experiences in Jersey. Founded by Gerald Durrell, the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust is a must-visit. Dedicated to saving species from extinction, spend a day exploring the park, meeting endangered animals and learning about conservation efforts that protect our planet’s biodiversity.

Time to stretch your legs and get back to nature? Jersey has an incredible network of coastal paths, with much of the island protected as part of the Jersey National Park.

Dive into the island’s history

King Charles III has long supported the preservation of historic buildings and heritage sites. The Prince’s Regeneration Trust aims to rescue and restore historic sites in the UK, ensuring they remain part of the nation’s cultural heritage. He has even become Patron of a project to protect one of the most significant archeological sites in the world – La Cotte de St. Brelade – right here in Jersey. His Majesty worked at the site when he joined excavations there in 1968 under the guidance of his Cambridge Professor who recovered almost 100,000 large stone artefacts and thousands of mammal remains, including large heaps of mammoth and woolly rhinoceros bones over a 20-year period. Discover our maritime landscape that takes in World War II bunkers, majestic castles and shattered ruins on sheer cliffs, tales of smugglers and pirates, neolithic burial chambers and ancient lighthouses that stood sentinel for centuries.

Connect with our arts and cultural scene

King Charles III is a patron of the arts and encourages the study and practice of traditional craftsmanship and design. If you’re similarly inclined, Jersey has a bustling arts and cultural scene, and a history of artists and craftspeople calling the island their home. With an eclectic mix of makers, performers and creators – along with visiting creatives too – there is plenty to explore.

Discover the work of up-and-coming artists in unique coastal locations, see Shakespeare in a castle, experience the art of Jersey cider-making at our Faîs’sie d’Cidre and witness the incredible craftsmanship of St. Matthew’s Glass Church.

A Royal Four-Day Itinerary

If you’ve been inspired to plan a royally inspired island escape, we’ve created a four-day itinerary jam-packed with illustrious ideas for a long weekend on our diamond of an island.

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