Each year on the 08 June, the United Nations hosts World Ocean Day. There has never been a more important time to recognise humanity’s interconnectivity to the ocean and to generate widespread understanding about the importance of cherishing our oceans. World Ocean Day aims to do exactly that.

As an island nation whose territorial area is 95% sea, we are incredibly proud of our marine area and heavily invested in the drive to ensure it is preserved and protected for years to come.

This World Ocean Day we wanted to celebrate some of the incredible people in Jersey for whom life revolves around the sea. From marine conservationists to ocean storytellers and sustainable fishermen (and women!) these are the people working year round to give a voice to the ocean and take care of it.

Matt Porteous with his camera
Underwater photo of a man snorkelling

Ocean photographer and storyteller.

Meet Matt Porteous.

Award-winning photographer Matt Porteous travels all around the world for his work, but it is Jersey that shaped him as a photographer and instilled his passion for the ocean. “The dramatic coastline, the wide open beaches – they’ve been my canvas for so many years. Jersey is where I can rebalance, see my friends and get back in the water.”

Alongside his successful photography career, Matt and a small, but dedicated Jersey-based team have set up Ocean Culture Life, a platform dedicated to connecting and supporting those working to restore health to our oceans through the power of storytelling, science and organic collaboration.

Meet Matt

People diving underwater
Kathryn Smith, Blue Marine Foundation
Paddle board in The Minquiers

Project intern at Blue Marine Foundation.

Meet Kathryn Smith.

Kathryn Smith is beginning her career in marine conservation as part of Blue Marine Foundation‘s Jersey project. Blue Marine coordinate projects all over the world, with a mission to see at least 30 percent of the world’s oceans protected by 2030, and the rest responsibly managed.

In Jersey, the organisation has launched initiatives like Snorkel Portelet which aim to strengthen our communities’ connection to the ocean and increase awareness of our precious marine environment.

There’s nothing Kathryn loves more than being in or on the sea here in Jersey, counting sea swimming, paddle-boarding and sailing as some of her favourite ways to enjoy the island’s stunning coastline.

Find out more about Kathryn’s life on the island and the work Blue Marine are doing to help protect Jersey’s waters.

Meet Kathryn

The Snorkel Trail at Portelet Bay, a Blue Marine Foundation initiative.

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