Discover Jersey’s top sights, on two wheels, in three days with EVie bikes.

Want to enjoy Jersey’s fresh air, increase endorphins, and see the sights? Then our EVie bike adventure tour is for you. We’ve specifically tailored this itinerary to sights that you can pass by on your bike or choose to park up and explore. So, whether you’ve got one day or three you can pack lots in, and make the most of travelling around the island, at the speed of an EVie bike.


  • Castles and towers.
  • The highest spot in Jersey for stunning views.
  • The best bacon butties in Britain.
  • A dip in an art deco lido.
  • All achieved on e-bikes!

Way out west.

Getting started.

It’s very easy to do, you just download the EVie app, reserve your bike then pick it up from various locations around the island, including centrally in St. Helier from opposite the Liberation Bus Station.

Once you’ve got your speedy mean yellow cycling machine, then you’re all set to head out in a different direction each day in search of some of the island’s most iconic sights.


Hit the road heading west in search of La Corbière Lighthouse. On your way you’ll pass Elizabeth Castle, you can’t miss it, it’s the one out at sea – quite the architectural feat! You can’t cycle across the causeway, but if you did want to visit, you can park your EVie bike up and pop into the castle kiosk to find out how. Alternatively enjoy the spectacular castle view as you cycle along the promenade that’ll lead you all the way into St. Aubin’s Village.

Once you’ve arrived in St. Aubin’s Village, you’ll discover lots of eateries, some shops, a gallery, and a raft of resident ducks. Stay a while and soak up the bustling harbour vibe – or continue on your way and join the cycle path, an old railway track, which is your one stop path all the way to the lighthouse.

Stops: Five.

Stops: 1 2 3 4 5

1. La Corbière Lighthouse.

This nautical feat at the south westerly point of Jersey has been guarding this treacherous stretch of coast for centuries. The name means ‘a place where crows gather’, quite fitting really, as this is definitely a place where people come to gather, to watch the rise and fall of the tide, and enjoy a low water walk out to the base of the lighthouse. Park up and enjoy spending some time exploring here, or breeze pass and watch the towering white lighthouse disappear as you continue along the coastline.

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2. Pit stop at La Corbière Phare.

Prop up your EVie bike along side the other bikes, that are frequently seen at this popular refuelling station. For a total sugar rush, turbo charged, opt for the Hot Chocolate with whipped cream.

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3. Grosnez – pronounced ‘grow-nay’.

Cycling from one side of St. Ouen’s Bay to the other you’ll leave behind the nautical landmark of La Corbière and climb the steep hill of L’Etacq to beautiful views across St. Ouen’s Bay and the green lane that’ll lead you to Grosnez Castle. A spectacular ruin with enviable 360-degree views.

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4. Plémont  Bay waterfall.

Descend onto this north coast beach at low water and you’ll discover not only a truly beautiful golden sandy bay, but also ‘THE’ waterfall located in a naturally formed saltwater cave! It’s mesmerising watching the freshwater trickle down the smooth stones, washed twice daily by the incoming tide. It’s quite the climb back up, but you can choose to reward yourself in the café at the top, which is open for most of the year.

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5. Faulkner Fisheries – A bunker that functions as a vivier.

Before you finish your day, why not drop back down into St. Ouen’s Bay to pick up some fresh seafood to cook up at dinner, This striking whitewashed building situated on the most north westerly point of St. Ouen’s Bay operates as a fishery, housing the catch of the day from the many local fisherman that supply the family run business. In the summer months, there’s a chance you’ll smell it before you see it, as you cycle towards the scent of garlic drenched seafood sizzling on the BBQ, open to the public in the warmer months of the year. Any other time of year you can buy seafood here and prep your very own seafood banquet – go on, fill your EVie basket up with your very own local catch up the day!

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Jersey's northern delights.


Start strong this morning and head to the highest point on the island before making your way down into the picturesque fishing harbour of Rozel. Refuel with a legendary bacon roll at the local’s favourite, The Hungry Man.

Stops: Three.

Stops: 1 2 3

1. Les Platons.

Cycle to the top of the island at Les Platons. Why? – because it’s here on a clear day that you can enjoy views only an island can deliver – to your right you can spot Les Ecrèhous, Jersey’s archipelago, to the left, the other Channel Islands, Guernsey and Sark and on the horizon, the coast of France. If you’re really lucky you may see some local dolphins enjoying the north coast swells or spot some of our local north coast birds soaring high up in the sky.

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2. Pit stop at Rozel Bay.

Is it the cheeky exterior décor of The Hungry Man, the novelty of the outdoor seating arrangement, the bobbing boats, the quaint promenade painted chalets or the exhilarating ride down into the bay that makes this such a special spot? Whatever the reason, this pretty north coast bay is definitely one that you’ll be pleased you took the time to visit. And one where you’ll be grateful to have the e-power of your EVie bike to get you back up the hill!

We often get asked, what’s good at The Hungry Man. What can we say, it’s all good… just depends how much of an appetite you have worked up on your EVie bike! Don’t worry we won’t judge 😉

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3. St. Catherine’s Breakwater.

A blustery little hub of island activity, you’ll find every type of islander here, the strollers, dippers, RIB Ride adventurers, sailors and of course EVie bikers … zip into this little corner of the east side of the island for a peek at this breakwater that was built in the middle of the 19th century.

Hop off your bike and stretch the legs with a stroll along the promenade. If you fancy a tasty little treat then hit The breakwater Café or the Three Arches, both perfectly positioned to enjoy the north easterly tip of the island.

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A dreamy easterly day.


Head east on your last day of e-bike adventuring to discover Jersey’s rich history. Explore medieval castles, peer out to the horizon for a bit of offshore tower spotting and round it all off with a visit to a striking art deco lido for a dip to end your ride.

Stops: Four.

Stops: 1 2 3 4

1. Seymour Tower.

Located two kilometres from the shore, and originally built to defend the island from invading forces, this tower can be viewed as you pootle along the east coast road, you may want to use your binoculars to get a better view. Seymour Tower is available as a unique self-catering stay with Jersey Heritage and local guides also lead year-round walks out to the tower. So, if this has ignited your inner explorer and you want to find out more, then be sure to pop it on your to do list and come back to this very special area soon.

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2. Mont Orgueil Castle.

One of those sights that you see on the horizon, and you instantly want to be there to admire it in all its glory – the castle stands over the pretty village of Gorey and this is the perfect spot to pull up and take in the magnificent castle. Or if you have the energy left (because you’ve been using the power of EVie), then why not head in to explore? The climb to the top rewards you with views of France and Jersey’s coastline.

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3. Pick a village pit stop.

Gorey village, a small fishing town, has numerous eateries packed full of fresh seafood for you to try. Be sure to put the brakes on here and take a look around – we’re certain you’ll find a little something to tickle you fancy. For a long lazy lunch how about feasting at Feast on the harbour overlooking the bobbing boats. Or for a light lunch or snack, pop into The Kitchen in the heart of the village.

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4. The Lido at Havre Des Pas.

A striking blue and white building, complete with a man-made saltwater swimming pool. This event hot spot welcomes a variety of private events throughout the year. In the warmer months you are invited to its poolside kiosk for a tasty treat and for those who need to cool off, a dip in the pool – the perfect finale to an awesome few days out on your EVie bike, exploring the island break.

Ending your ride. 

Drop the bike back to a FREE parking zone and one of the fleet team will soon be there with a replacement battery, so that the next rider will be fully charged and ready for action.

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