A very dairy Christmas.

Jersey Cows go udderly festive!

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You herd it here first! This festive season our famous Jersey girls have been spotted dashing through the fields wearing matching Christmas jumpers! Meet local dairy farmer Becky and her lovely ladies Carol, Holly, Mary and Mariah Dairy...



Jersey’s most festive farmer.

Becky is a Jersey farmer living her best festive life! She believes that everyone deserves a little holiday cheer, so Becky decided to surprise her girls with their very own Christmas jumpers to make a festive dairy tale come true...


Carol, Holly, Mary, Noelle and Mariah Dairy.

No airbrushing needed with this cream of the crop! Our dairy divas cat walked (well cow walked!) onto the field with their gorgeous golden colourings, long lashes fluttering in the breeze as they modelled their fitted jolly jumpers. The girls enjoyed a festive frolic while grazing on the green grass of home.


Unravelling the Jersey Jumper.

Becky isn’t the first islander to go stir-crazy for jumpers. Jersey was once world-famous for its woollen trade with knitting one of Jersey’s main industries. It was so popular that men had to be banned from knitting in Jersey during the peak fishing season from August to September. Because of the popularity of Jersey wool, knitted jumpers came to be called jerseys, after the island. The first recording of a jumper being called a jersey is in 1837. The rest is history.


For being outstanding in their field.

The pure-bred Jersey cow originated from the island and Jersey cows can now be found as far afield as India, South America, USA, Australia and New Zealand. Jersey cows are famous for their rich and creamy milk, so don’t miss the chance to try some real Jersey dairy-licious Christmas treats while you are on the island!

Fancy your own festive dairy treat?

Jersey has a little something for everyone this Christmas. For those looking to bring home a piece of the Jersey for their special someone, we've gathered together some festively themed ideas so you can tick off your Christmas shopping list - including a tasty sweet treat by La Crémière. Don’t blame us if your sweet tooth gets the better of you this Christmas and you find yourself reaching for another taste of this sublime golden pot of salted caramel yumminess – blame the Jersey cows! 


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