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With their evening mapped out for them, our fun lovin’ ladies embark on one of the world's smallest Gin trails...

Hunt out St. Helier’s speakeasy-style retreats for yourself on our Jersey Gin Trail map. Unusual, unique and quirky, these bars are as varied as the drinks on their menu, and whether you’re looking for innovative mixology or a unique gin haunt to discover, these hidden away gems are worth finding...



Project 52 is an Orwellian-inspired drinking establishment that extends a warm welcome to those with nostalgia in their hearts and a couple of quid in their pockets. A haven of intelligent chat and puerile laughter, where craft beers slosh cheerily next to fine wines and perfectly-formed, homemade pies; the carpets are artfully worn, the furniture is just distressed enough to be chic yet comfortable and the music is ambient.

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The Savoy

At Roberto’s Jazz bar you’ll be swept away to the sounds of Charlie Parker, Dizzie Gilliespie and Miles Davies. On Friday and Saturday nights you will be soothed by the smooth sounds of Jazz & Latin Jazz. Sundays & Wednesdays you will find yourself relaxing to the soulful sound of modern blues. Saturday and Sunday evenings also host visiting artists and groups.

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Ce Soir

Ce Soir (meaning this evening) is the Parisian cousin of the secretive Blind Pig. It shares its decadent ambient period in time, with a bold and beautiful repertoire of sites across idealistic Paris. Ce Soir is a rather confident showboat; eccentric, opposed to The Blind Pig's speakeasy, secret hideaway down a back ally. Ce Soir is open to those whom share a mature mindset of the cocktail drinking recreation in elegant surroundings. Why not drop by and enjoy a delicious cocktail on the terrace?

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The Don

The Don, a refuge for those of discerning tastes who are searching for something just a little bit different. Admittance is at The Don’s discretion and we take our patron’s right to privacy and the finer things in life very seriously. Sit back, relax and imbibe, The Don is at your disposal.

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The Blind Pig

The Blind Pig is a small Prohibition themed hideaway, which is nice for the few of us who appreciate some quality elbow room whilst drinking. To complement this, we have finished the eye pleasing decor in 1920s style, which offers our patrons a little something different. Do not be surprised if you find yourself drinking from a tea cup and pouring your concoction from a like for like Nan’s teapot! It’s location is no further away from the regular drinking holes in town.

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