Little island. Big spirit.


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Looking for an island that’s as original as you? Welcome to Jersey, where we love to do things differently. We even have our own language. Our own currency. Our own laws. Our own legendary knitted jumpers. Our own famous potatoes. Our own celebrated dairy cows. Making us unexpectedly independent and deliciously unique. Now, isn’t that worth experiencing? Discover what makes our little island so big on spirit.

Little beauty. Big moo-ments.

Enjoy the warmest of welcomes when you discover a landscape full of surprises. Explore the many hiking trails and countryside walks, dotted with cows that are famous for their rich and creamy milk. Just don’t miss the chance to try some real Jersey ice-cream. You may find our little island is bigger than you think.

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Little tales. Big yarns.

Take a shoeless sunset stroll across the causeway to the iconic La Corbière lighthouse. But don’t forget to wrap up in a famous knitted Jersey jumper – so popular in the 1800s, that men were banned from knitting during the peak fishing season. You may find our little stories are bigger than you think.

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Little rock. Big story.

Tucked away in secret places, Jersey has an ancient past that stretches back further than the Pyramids and Stonehenge. Jersey became home to some of the first Neolithic hunter gatherers, who arrived to farm the fertile soil nearly 6,000 years ago. Discover how the spectacular scenery of Jersey's modern coast was shaped by the forces of ice and sea during the island's Ice Age past. You may find our little history is more epic than you think. 


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Little memories. Big legacy.

The Channel Islands were the only part of the British Isles to be occupied by German forces in WW2. The five-year occupation came to an end on 09 May 1945 - our Liberation Day. Discover daring stories of resistance, occupation and liberation. You may find our little island is tougher than you think. 



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Little spills. Big thrills.

Jersey may be pint sized, but we know a thing or two about hosting a knees-up. Whether you’re looking for a quiet drink somewhere with character, a terrace for cocktails in the evening sun or a taste of Jersey’s club and local live music scene, the island comes to life after dark. You may find our little scene is more buzzing than you think. 

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