Little tales. Big yarns.


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Jersey’s size makes it easy for you to fit plenty into your visit. Take a shoeless sunset stroll across the causeway to the iconic La Corbière lighthouse. But don’t forget to wrap up in a famous knitted Jersey jumper – so popular in the 1800s, that men were banned from knitting during the peak fishing season. You may find our little stories are bigger than you think. Discover the little island with the big spirit. 

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Little journeys. Big surprises.

Vintage Bus Tour – History Castle View’

Just nine miles by five, Jersey’s size makes it easy for you to fit plenty into your visit. With history on your doorstep, heritage sites to seek out and discover, it's perfect for all ages. Unravel Jersey's colourful past as you spot Martello Towers, built to keep the French at bay, or step back in time to discover the history of the German occupation at the Jersey War Tunnels.

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Little fields. Big battles.

Find History on your doorstep.

Jersey's military history has threaded its way through all periods and has shaped Jersey into what we see today. Our island is very unique. In Jersey you can find a military history spanning more than 3000 years, right up to the 20th century in just a few square miles. So why not explore it at your own pace.  Here are a few sites to keep an eye out for as you unearth Jersey's fasinating past. 


Unravelling the Jersey jumper.

Jersey was once world-famous for its woollen trade with knitting one of Jersey’s main industries. It was so popular that men had to be banned from knitting in Jersey during the peak fishing season from August to September. Because of the popularity of Jersey wool, knitted jumpers came to be called jerseys, after the island. The first recording of a jumper being called a jersey is in 1837. The rest is history...

Little sleeps. Big dreams.

Discover rooms with a different view.

From wild camping to historic towers, add some atmosphere with these unusual places to stay. Frame your Jersey escape with a one-off location and see the island through different eyes. How about a historic fort, a radio tower perched on the cliff edge or a 30s-style boat-shaped beach hut steps from the sand? Make one of the island’s heritage locations your home for your stay and get a unique island experience.

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Little island. Big personality.

Learn the Jersey way.

For such a small island, Jersey’s got some fascinating stories to tell. Did you know woollen jumpers are called jerseys after the island of Jersey? Or the nickname for a local islander? From witch tales to our astonishing tides, there’s more to the island than meets the eye. Brush up on your Jersey knowledge here….

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Discover an island that wears the traces of its colourful past.

Little island. Big story. 

You don’t have to scratch too far beneath the surface to experience Jersey’s rich and multi-layered history. From Stone Age dolmens - ancient burial grounds - to traces of island defences and wartime occupations, on the island of Jersey, history’s within easy reach.

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