Meet Anna

Founder of Manomara

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On an island this natural, you can’t help but be in touch with the elements. When Anna Messervy-Evans moved to Jersey after a career working in cosmetic science in the UK, she wanted to use her expertise and knowledge to create something that would reflect the way she lived in Jersey. Her cosmetic product recipes reflect Jersey’s clean seawater, coastal air and fresh produce - discover how the island has inspired her.

There’s a real feeling of freedom about the island. When you stand on the Atlantic west coast, there’s nothing but two thousand miles of beautiful ocean in front of you. The plant life and seaweed we have here grows in our coastal air and clean water - it absorbs that freshness naturally.

When I arrived here, I wanted to use my cosmetic science background to make something that would reflect the way I live in Jersey. So I started working on a botanical version of a healing balm, gathering the best local and global ingredients to create something that could be holistic and completely handmade.

There’s no production line, everything is made by hand, you can give it time and attention to detail. There’s a particular quality control with hand making because you’re so in touch with your ingredients - sage, oregano, calendula flowers, beeswax from local hives, the seaweed around our coast.

I’m very lucky - I love the ingredients, I love the process, and it connects me with local producers that share my perspectives and ethos. I feel content when people tell me that it works, that it has soothed their skin, just like the sea soothes our busy lives.


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