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The Market Trader

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Jersey’s farming roots run deep through the island’s history and heritage. It’s something Bill Davies knows well - a greengrocer for many years, he’s now part of an initiative to nurture the island’s next generation of farmers along with his daughter Grace.

I’ve worked in the market for years. Everything follows the seasons - so it’s constantly changing here. It’s always a pleasure to deal with passionate restauranteurs that are at the cutting edge of food production.

For our size Jersey has some amazing chefs - really dynamic young people who are changing the face of food. They’re bringing new techniques to our local flavours, being inspired with what they see in Paris, New York and London and being adventurous with new combinations. They want to buy local as much as they can and support our farmers. I like providing the support to that enthusiasm.

That’s what we’re trying to do on the farm with our Farm School initiative run by my daughter Grace - we’re getting kids involved with the land and learning about farming. We’re passing on that knowledge, passion, the enjoyment of eating fresh Jersey produce and love of the land. It’s wonderful to be able to facilitate that.

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It’s all a cycle. What we grow here on the farm is sold at the market, served in restaurants and appreciated by local families. The ground is so rich here in Jersey, it’s living. The sea brings everything together. It’s part and parcel of the island, linking us all.

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