Meet Eleanor

The rockclimber girl

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Jersey’s full of beautiful seascape landscapes that are best viewed from the height of the island’s cliff paths. From blue sea, to the carpets of wild flowers covering the cliffs and the bays of Jersey stretching off into the distance, the views are all there to be enjoyed. It’s something that rockclimber Eleanor Lister feels adds something special to her day, when she can climb a rock with views of France in the distance, and visiting dolphins and local seabirds in the background. Here’s why she feels Jersey adventures are just waiting to be discovered.

I couldn’t tell you why I climb. It’s simply something I feel a burning passion towards. For me there’s nothing more natural than being outdoors and out on the rock. It’s a precious feeling. There’s never an adrenaline rush like people think. It’s actually very mellow and controlled. Climbing’s very meditative. You’re always in the moment, and always focused. There’s no distraction.

It’s amazing to have these beautiful locations to yourself - with the reward of a view of our golden bays in the distance, and the quiet sound of the waves crashing, and seabirds. with the occasional visit of dolphins or seals.

Considering how small Jersey is, it’s full of so much adventure and beauty. I can get to all of my favourite places in no more than 20 minutes. So if I wanted to start my day with a hike on the cliffs, or just have an afternoon surf, I can.

It’s always so peaceful. You can just get away from it all, watch a beautiful sunset and take some time for yourself. The adventure’s waiting. All you have to do is go outside.

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