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Jersey’s giant tides rise and fall twice each day, leaving behind a rich coastal landscape. Walk the tideline and it’s as if the sea has a story to tell and the beaches are where you read it. For artist Jane James, the ocean’s flotsam and jetsam are more than simply debris, with the right inspiration they can become island treasures.

When you’re on the beach, looking for driftwood, you can’t help but think of where it’s come from, where it’s been, what it’s been. It’s already had a life. That’s what’s exciting for me, finding the ocean’s debris and giving it new life. And living on an island, you can follow the tide around the coast to see what it leaves behind.

When the tide goes out, I go out. There’s something very special about being on a beach as the tide falls and hearing the sound of the waves. That’s when I’m at my happiest. You can’t help but be inspired by Jersey’s landscape. Sometimes I’ll see the shape of a piece of wood and know exactly what I’ll do with it. Sometimes it takes longer, thinking, reflecting and working with the clay until the shape appears.

It’s my take on island life. I like the idea that people can take away a little bit of Jersey with them. In the simplest way, it gets me outside and makes me appreciate the island. I always say to people, look for yourself. Explore our hidden bays. Find the treasure at your feet. To me the sea has a story to tell, and our beaches are where you read it.


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