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For a small island, Jersey’s full of different species of wildlife - some of them found only in our nine by five miles. It’s a story that’s being told by Jordan, the ‘Jersey Naturalist’ a 26-year old ecologist and countryside ranger who writes about the island wildlife he finds and identifies, attracting more than 10,000 local followers.

The more you understand about something, the more you appreciate it. Sometimes life moves so fast that you don’t see what’s right in front of you. In Jersey we’re so fortunate to have these amazing habitats on our doorstep, and it’s by learning about them and their wildlife that we’ll make sure we protect them for the future. Our landscape, our climate, our geology - they all shape the island's unique blend of species from the UK and Europe. The sheer diversity here is staggering. It's a melting pot for different local wildlife to cohabit - a world within itself - you never know what you might find or where they'll turn up.


I moved away for a while to work and study in the UK, but the island pulls you back. It’s magnetic. It’s amazing how in Jersey you can find some fantastic nature reserves and areas of natural beauty with all kinds of wildlife. It fascinated me, so I started documenting species I found, and asked people to send me their wildlife shots so we could identify them. Before I knew it I had all these amazing images - too many to keep to myself - and that's how the Jersey Naturalist community started.


It's such a privilege to be so close to nature and see the way the seasons change the colour of the island - the first leaf on the horse chestnuts to let you know spring is on the way, or green lizards developing blue throats in the summer. As islanders, we have this wild landscape everywhere we look, every day. It's all right here just waiting to be discovered.

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