Meet Julie

The Park Ranger

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On an island where the sea is never more than ten minutes away, watching the sun rise over the ocean can be the way you start every day. For islander Julie Allen, it’s a time to connect with nature and find perspective before her day job as a park ranger begins, looking after the animals at aMaizin! Adventure Park. Here’s why early mornings are her favourite part of the day.

It’s the moment just before sunrise. When the light changes and you can hear the birdsong. It’s my favourite time. There’s an anticipation in the air, as if the island’s waking up. Being able to begin the day walking by the sea with all the sights, sounds and smells of the morning just sets you up. It gives every day a fresh start.

Nature feeds my soul. It puts a spring in my step and makes me feel alive. And when you get off the beaten track and go down those narrow lanes and really explore, you’re rewarded with sights like these. Because Jersey’s so compact, you can walk without worrying about where you’re going to end up. Beaches, cliffs, country lanes, you can never go too far on an island this size.

To have a job that captures that love of nature is really special for me, and working with animals is the best job I could imagine. A lot of the animals here were rescued or rehabilitated, so we’ve given them a new life. The best time is when the doors to the park open and the kids come in - their faces light up when they see the animals. I’m very lucky to have a job that puts me in touch with the environment, and gives me a real appreciation of where we live. It’s about finding nature, and in Jersey nature is all there to be found.

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